Isekai Canceller – Chapter 16-2

Warning: This is a side-chapter that I originally wasn’t going to translate due to the “extreme” content. Chapter 17 provides some context as to why I did not want to translate this chapter, so read it first before deciding to read this chapter or not. Chapter 17 can be found here.

Ok so, a reader doug89 reached out to /r/noveltranslations to have this chapter finished. Redditor /u/Nidhuggg was kind enough to provide his/her translation which can be seen here.
So what I did was edit his/her chapter and mixed in what I already had, which was the first half. Second half is almost entirely Nidhuggg so you can thank him/her for it, and doug89 for asking them.
As you may know, this chapter is pretty graphic so be warned. There were reasons why I didn’t want to finish this TL (mostly because TLing the “colorful descriptions” were unsettling).

But here is is nonetheless. Do with it what you may…


Personal Warning: Note that skipping this chapter is completely fine and will not affect your comprehension of the main story. It is kind of a side chapter.


Chapter 16-2: Zak’s Madness[1]


Actual Author Warning: This is the story of Zak right after Hitto beat him.
It contains portrayals of violence towards women. And may cause discomfort for those reading it.
Particularly if you are uncomfortable with seeing women be treated in a horrible manner, you will still be able to understand the main story if you skip this chapter.


「Bitch! What do you mean that guy isn’t here anymore! Why the hell’d you let them go like it was nothing!?」


Zak’s angry voice resounded throughout the dinning hall. And that anger, it was directed towards his very own slave Seira.
Zak had been unconscious for about 15 minutes since Hitto had escaped from the inn.


And after waking up and not being able to find Hitto anywhere, he learned that Hitto had disappeared from the inn from the replies of nearby employees.


「…… Just as Master had ordered, I looked after them until the duel was finished」(Seira)


Seira simply answered this in a monotone voice.
Like a doll, she faithfully replied to the contents of the question.
However, that only caused the unreasonable Zak to grow even more angry.


「Bitch, are you fking with me –koraa!」


Zak’s foot flew straight into Seira’s face as she was sitting in seiza. She simply resigned herself to being hit; without moving to avoid it, and without trying to defend against it.
*Goro-goro* she momentarily rolled across the floor and landed on her side, but she immediately tried to get back up and sit back in a seiza.


However, immediately after Zak violently grabbed Seira by her long hair, forcefully held her up, and with his rock-like fists, he continuously beat her over and over and over and over and over again.


Even though the other person was a slave,  Zak’s actions had left all the onlookers speechless.


A-ano, Zak-sama――」


A single man called out to Zak. He was the man entrusted with managing this inn. In the event that trouble broke out, then he would be the man in charge of dealing with it.


Earlier, he had just finished stopping a man from sending his slave into the bathhouse by herself.
Although the manager was scared of that man’s threatening mannerisms and ran away at the time, his actions evidently ended up stopping that man as a result. Volunteering himself to keep the violent actions of troublesome guests in check, one could say it was his strong point.


And currently standing behind the manager was the girl who served food to Hitto, the man Zak was searching for.
That being said, a certain quarrel earlier resulted in the food being scattered around


As for the girl, she personally wanted not to get wrapped up in this matter, But simply because she was the one who brought water and the food to that Hitto guy, because of that reason alone she was treated as an involved party.


But since she scared nonetheless, she stood behind the manager with her shoulders slightly shaking.
Nevertheless, Zak stopped the hand he was using to beat the slave, and turned his sharp gaze towards the manager.


「Huh? The hell do you want, bastard! You got a problem with the way a treat my slave huh!?」


Zak barked back at him. The man straightened his back and thrust out both hands and waved them.
As he desperately tried to convey that that wasn’t the case, cold sweat began accumulating on his forehead.


「No, no, by no means. I have absolutely no way I would have complaints about the way Zak-sama treats his slaves. It’s just that, well, the damages this time are… No! Of course I’m not saying that Zak-sama is a fault, however… even if only a little, C-could you perhaps give us compensation――」(Manager)


The manager kept his waist low, looking exactly like the insectoid monster “Jaw-swinging Locust[2]“, ingratiatingly nodding his head a little and with a forced smile he asked Zak.
The man was desperately trying to fulfill his duty as a manager.


「Compensation you say? Why should I? Isn’t it fine this way? I think things still look pretty good like this」(Zak)
「Ahaha. I-Indeed it does. It’s just.. with things like this… As I am the manager, the things that happen right in front of me, so you know……」(Manager)


Right at that moment, the manager closed his mouth. Or rather, his mouth was forced shut.
The reason was because Zak’s greatsword brushed right past his head from the side.
Even though the sword can be said to have brushed past, the part of the manager that was from the neck up now smashed into the wall on the opposite side of the room, and fell to the floor. The face still smiling courteously.


The remaining part below the neck fell down to the floor with a thud. A thick, blackish scarlet stream spread and colored the floor.


K, ky, kyaa――」
「If you scream I’ll fucking kill youuuuuuu!」(Zak)


Zak’s rough voice sounded. The voices that were about to rise from the onlookers were suppressed by that voice, and silence ruled the dining hall.
The people who remained in the now completely tattered dining hall were cowering, shaking with fear.


「Hmph. By the way, missy. You saw it, right? It was an accident that the manager’s head flew off, right~?」(Zak)


The waitress girl had been brought to her knees by overwhelming fear, and was now sitting on the floor as Zak asked her.
In front of her eyes lay the headless manager. The streaming blood dirtied her palms and the buttocks of her clothing.


But as if she wasn’t even aware of that, her breath was going “hi! hi!” as if she were having convulsions, and she couldn’t utter a single word.
On top of that, between her thighs an aromatic liquid trickled and spread out.
It seems she was so overwhelmed with the situation that she had wet herself.
The translucent liquid that flowed from her mixed with the scarlet on the floor, producing an indescribable foul smell that spread throughout the surroundings.


「…… Tsk, you have quite the loose cunt huh? But that just turns me on!」(Zak)


But Zak was, after having his nose twitch, he said those words with a grin that spread to the corners of his mouth. He placed his hands on his waist and lowered his pants, and as the girl’s eyes widened in shock, he flung himself onto her――[3]



「Hick, hick, so, cruul. I can’t believe… feh, hii…」 [4]


The waitress’ apron was thrown to the side, her clothes and underwear got ripped apart, exposing her white skin and fairly developed twin hills, the woman lay sobbing alone on the floor.
Her body covered with blue bruises that weren’t there just a moment ago.


Afterwards, the blood that colored the floor also contained the remains of a deflowering.


While looking down upon such a miserable girl, Zak put his pants back on, and with a refreshed expression he opened his mouth.


「Well I suppose that cleared away a bit of my anger」(Zak)


Glaring with bloodthirsty eyes at the woman who he had just now ravaged in the dining hall,
「Hey, I’ll ask you only once more. The manager died in an accident, and you wanted it so we did it. Am I clear?」
He asked once more, with a beast-like growling voice.


「Hick, yes, thash, right. Itsh ash Zak-sama, hick, saysh」(Waitress)


Hearing those words, Zak gave a satisfied expression, his mouth opened widely in a laugh.


「Umm, Zak-sama――」


The female innkeeper who was responsible for the inn spoke.
Her face had a stiff smile.


「Huh? What is it? Could it that you got a problem with me――」(Zak)
「No! Nothing like that! I just thought that perhaps you should return to your room…… after all you’ll stand out if you stay here……」


It seems that the woman’s words were able to persuade Zak, he nodded once but he glared at the woman.


「Alright, I’ll return to my room. But if you find that man you absolutely have to tell me! Understood?」 (Zak)
「Ye- yes, but of course!」


He snorted a “hmph!” in response to the woman, then―― he turned towards Seira and kicked her with all his strength. Her delicate body met the floor without any feeling of resistance.


「Oi! Call somebody who can use healing magic to my room afterwards! This one won’t die easily, but she can be injured!」(Zak)


「Ye- yes, understood!」


Desperately resisting her body shaking, the innkeeper lowered her head toward Zak, expressing her compliance.


Then, without mercy, Zak once more grabbed Seira’s messy hair, and while dragging her across the ground, he left the dining hall.


Repeatedly throwing her body violently against the wall, Zak’s face was brimming with joy.


「Seira, you bitch, I’m not done with you yet. Cuz from now until morning, I’m gonna be training you properly in my room!」(Zak)



TL Note: The word used for “Madness” is the same word for “Insanity”. Both will fit, it kinda has dual meaning.


TL note: The monster here is a アゴフリバッタ/[Agofuribatta]. I have no idea what that is and neither does Nidhuggg, the other TL. So I just went with whatever.

Also this is where my TL stops so the rest is mainly Nidhuggg with some extra stuff mixed in. Mostly just an edit, with a few things changed to my liking.


TL note: This line was skipped in Nidhuggg’s translation.


TL note: Nidhuggg wasn’t sure about this part, Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit: Estelion suggested “Hick, hick, so, cruul. I can’t believe… feh, hii…” on reddit. I’m going with “Enou-, alraedy” (Yes, it’s misspelled) because [ろ、い]/[Ro, ii] sounds like [Mou, ii] to me.

Nevermind, re-read it and Estelion-sama is right so I’ll use hers.


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46 thoughts on “Isekai Canceller – Chapter 16-2

  1. Thanks for providing this.

    Yeah I can see how you can have a hard time translating this. Brutal. But it holds true to the kind of environment this story is taking place by showing the evil side of it. Unfortunately you can’t have the good without the bad. Always some F’d up people no matter where you are.

    Glad to see a author that is willing to take a chance with this kinda of writing and chapter. Also glad he made it none committal toward the story so it’s not necessary for those who would find this chapter disturbing, being some what forced to read it to keep up with whats going on.

    Now if only you can keep finding someone to translate these kinds of chapters in the future so you don’t have to.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Man that was dark. No wonder the author made it a side chapter. It wouldn’t go well with the overall tone of the story.
    Hitto should have just killed the guy.


  3. I hope MC will find out about this story.

    …..actually, I’m quite pissed off with this self-centered MC. He easily ran away without minding the consequences. “Oh, I beat to pulp a ruffian with anger issue who treat slave as an object. Let’s run away. There’s no way he’ll vent his anger on anyone else, right?”

    I think the MC still think the world as a game; there’s no consequences, just do whatever you want. Afterall, I can just cancel it. Maybe that’s why the author gave him that Canceler job.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Possible spoiler alert. Zach pissed me off so much I endured machine translations to find out what happened to him. His end isn’t enough for me. Wanted him to suffer more.

    From Ashbell: “Edited to add black spoiler”


  5. Thanks for sharing/partially translating. While I can understand getting pissed and dissuaded, I think chapters like this serve an important purpose,my hat the world isn’t all flowers, and people aren’t just, some are outright nasty and choices we make can influence more violence from them. I’m hoping this comes full circle towards character development for the MC and incites something in him to change how he handles these types. While it was clear that he was at a dead end in that situation, and later on in sure the author will allude to that again, he had options open to him, the only problem was whether or not their fear of Zac was attributed to status as well as strength. If status was the case he could find himself in a very big pinch, days after dying/transporting to another world, in a city he has official business in with a slave that until he handles properly is most likely criminal to have running around with him. Him killing Zac then would have been rash and bad story wise imo


  6. 「ヒック、ヒック、ひ、ろ、い。こんな、ふぇ、ひっ」
    “Hiiku, Hiiku, hi, ro, i, konna, fue, *hic*”
    “*hic*, *hic*, cr.. u… el. this.., hu~, *hic*”

    *hic*(short breathing sound made during crying
    hu~(heavy breathing sound or exhaling)

    The Hi, ro, i, is probably her trying to say hidoi(cruel) albeit brokenly while crying, since she has just under gone a trauma, the sharp do sound is dulled to give the ro sound, of course, if you took it “literally” letter for letter hiroi means wide and spacious which would be not be an appropriate way to interpret it… When she says konna she trails with a breathing sound at the end, she was probably going to say something like こんな事, konnakoto or “this act”( implied action that was done to her) this action…


  7. this is the damn MC’s fault to be honest… why the f*ck did he not kill him???!!! he killed 3 bandits like nothing before so why not now?… he picked up an employee by the collar when he insulted Melissa ONCE… yet, when this disgusting assh*le started insulting her many times he still didn’t do sh*t and even said no to the duel at the beginning… even when Melissa’s life was in danger because of this sc*m he still didn’t kill him… wtf?!
    kill the weak but not the strong… grow some balls dude…
    I should have skipped this chapter damn it… I’ll go calm down for now… -_-


  8. wow… i wonder why auothor-sama even wrote this….
    this is the kind of レイプ that i totally hate…
    i dont mind seeing this in Hmangas, Hnovels, HVNs, and Hanime but not in good, proper stories like this…
    leaves a bad taste in the mouth you know…
    I hope that Zak’s slave kills him in the future…

    thanks for the chap even though it made me feel bad… sick… etc…


  9. do expert level adventurers gets free roam of the place or something? he raped a girl, murdered an innocent bystander, held someone else’s slave hostage, started a fight in a no fight zone, destroyed someones building and has a shitty attitude. its like everything zak is, is exactly what the neko chick said NOT to be. i mean all someone has to do is report him and he would not only get ejected from the guild and stripped of his possessions, but he would most likely be made into a crime slave. ffs


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