Kenja ni Natta (I Became a Sage) – Prologue

You know that one novel I mentioned in my About page? Well here it is,
[Kenja ni Natta] or [I Became a Sage]! This is just a Prologue so I think it would be better if you didn’t read the synopsis yet. You know, for thematic effect. But the information page/ToC can be found here.

As to why I haven’t done this earlier… it’s because I can’t understand half of the vocabulary. Because I don’t have the Japanese skills (or even enough English skills) to properly convey the atmosphere I went with Canceller instead. But since I love the style so much I’ll just bury my head in dictionaries to try and understand every other word. Its honestly not that bad considering the chapters are only 60% the length of Canceller chapters.

As for the schedule… Canceller will still be the Main Project with Kenja ni Natta being a side/teaser project.

Well enough with my rambling. Onward to the Prologue! Hope you Enjoy.


Chapter 1: Sent to Another World Along With a Grimoire


Prologue: The Beautiful Little Girl[1] in the Back Alley




While sprinting down the paved road, that word began to fill the entirety of her thoughts.


With pink colored hair gathered up into a side-tail, the tender girl of young age.
On the side of her leg that was concealed by a thin one-piece, countless lacerations and abrasions were carved into it.
Although her overall physique was slim, her calf and thigh were somewhat thicker and sturdier than other girls her age.
Possessing a childish body that looked no more than ten years old, she exhausted herself every single day in order to survive till today.


The girl was being chased by soldiers.
It was not only soldiers. The entire town was the girl’s enemy.
The girl was all alone.
A stained girl with neither relatives nor belongings, no one would come to her rescue.


*Haa Haa* while gasping for breath, she chose to plunge into complicated alleys and corridors.
If she were to conceal her childish figure in the shadows, nobody would be able to find her.
Up until now when she experienced such a situation, she would do that to shake off pursuers.
But this time was different.
Even if she ran and ran, there were two people who chased after the girl without being disorientated.


――Strange, Strange, It’s Strange!


While straining her slender feet, the girl dashed down the back street.
Without a home to live in nor anyone to support her, spending day and night in these back alleys made it become just like her own backyard.
Which road to take and where they all led, Where to head in order to get back to a certain place, she had full knowledge of all these things.
Even getting to know the beggars, there was not a single detail the girl did not know about these back alleys.
Even if you could sense her presence, there shouldn’t be anyone who could chase after the girl without losing their way.


Hurdling over garbage cans, Kicking off the walls, Running down the elaborate side-streets.


For a short time the presence that lingered until now disappeared, the girl let out a sigh of relief.
She turned around to check behind her but, not even the careless footsteps of people from the shadows could be heard.
Finally, that softhearted person had given up on her.


「……Finally, did I lose them?」(Girl)
「Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be that way.」(???)


A gentle voice echoed towards her, The girl turned to it with a startled expression.


His body wrapped in a grey robe the black haired boy was, with an iris[2] colored book in one hand he was looking down at the girl.
The moment the girl lost her focus and revealed an opportunity, He used Earth magic to bring forth a stone wall. The girl had her escape routes completely sealed off.


「As expected of Kenja-sama[3]. Constructing a wall out of the Mana[4] extracted from a stone, being able to use such high grade magic, it’s amazing!」(???)


From behind the young boy stood a silver haired woman, with a fluffy[5] expression she intertwined her fingers.
Blushing while completely absorbed in him, she looked at the young man from the side.


Before answering the woman’s words, with a trouble expression the boy smiled and stretched his hand out to the young girl.
He gave a helping hand to the girl, this was not the first time he had done so.


「You don’t have to run away anymore. We, we’ve come to save you.」(Boy)


While letting out reassuring words, “He” ―― Kazami Ayame[6], embraced the girl with pink colored hair.


Extra note:
The Girl/young girl= Shoujo
The boy/young man= Shounen
The woman/woman= Jousei



TL note: Originally Little Girl is spelled [幼女] which really means “An extremely young girl” (also known as a Loli)


TL note: Irises (菖蒲) look like This. So basically a “bluish purple” color.


TL note: Kenja-sama (賢者様) means “Wise man/Sage”-sama


TL note: Originally written as 体外魔力 (マナ) it means “External Magical Power” but read as “Mana”


TL note: Originally ほわーんとした顔 which is like “a soft/fluffy faced expression”. Basically she looked “Enamored” while locking her fingers/hands together


TL note: His first name, Ayame, is another way to read “iris”. It’s a pun (his name is the same color as the book)


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12 thoughts on “Kenja ni Natta (I Became a Sage) – Prologue

  1. Interesting! How many chapters does it take the main story line to reach this point? I take it as least after he got along with the silver-haired waifu?

    Also, “lacerations and abrasions”? It’s normally “cuts and scratches”, isn’t it? I don’t dislike the alternative, though.


    • I’m not sure since I only read ahead 3 chapters. Judging by the chapter titles, maybe chapter 1-6?

      Technically lacerations are a type of cut and abrasions are a type of scrape. Both are rather specific kinds of wounds so I left them as they were originally. You’re free to think of them as cuts and scratches though, as long as the meaning comes across.


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