Isekai Canceller – Chapter 43


So I’m alive again. Apparently today is my 2nd year anniversary after starting this series, but I’ve been really swamped and totally forgot about it. I’ll try to find the time to have a proper celebration next week so you can hopefully look forward to that.




Chapter 43: The Reason Dowan is Targeted



The little elf girl was Dowan’s daughter. Honestly there’s a lot I would like to retort about, but――


「I’m asking just in case, but you’re not some kind of criminal, right?」(Hitto)


「What kind of nonsense are you spouting, ya damn fool!」(Dowan)


Ah, crap, looks like I struck a nerve. Most of the time he seems cranky, but I could tell this was different.
Well, still, so she was genuinely his daughter huh. Even though they are nothing alike.


「Goshujin-sama. I believe you are being rude―― Besides, if you take a good look you can tell she is the splitting image of Dowan-san. Just look at her, her… her……」(Melissa)


Yeah. Melissa is also looking at the girl with a puzzled expression. I think you’re being pretty rude too you know.


「You lot, if you only came to place an order then go home already!」(Dowan)


Oh, not good, he snapped. Fumu, although there are some things that I still can’t accept, I guess we should move on to business already.


And so, I spoke with Dowan about the incident that happened at the mines.




「I see. It must have been tough, I’m sorry for causing you such trouble」(Dowan)


After listening to my explanation, Dowan silently lowered his head.
As for the little elf girl, she mimicked her father and bowed her head saying 「Thank’chu -nano」
It was supposed to be a rather serious conversation, but this little girl was able to soften the mood all by herself…… Melissa even put both hands on her cheeks and her eyes are sparkling. I guess she couldn’t handle the moe huh.


「It’s not something you should be apologizing for. It just so happened that orggs showed up. Well, as long as we receive reimbursement for the advanced payment then it should be good enough」(Hitto)


Hearing my proposal, Dowan silently went into the store’s interior, and he returned rather quickly.
In his hand he was holding a leather bag.


「Please take then」(Dowan)


He handed the bag to me. Based on our conversation it should be the money we had to pay in advance, but when I took a look inside―― There were ten 10,000 Gold coins.


「Dowan, you’ve made a mistake. The amount I paid in advance was only 80,000. This is 20,000 over that」(Hitto)


「That is the inconvenience fee. Don’t worry about it, take it」(Dowan)


「Well, like I said, I don’t consider it much of an inconvenience」(Hitto)
「But if I don’t do this then I’ll never be able to live it down」(Dowan)


Dowan firmly gazed at me with wide open eyes. It doesn’t looks like he intends to take no as an answer.


「I understand. Thank you, I’ll gladly accept it」(Hitto)


Expressing my gratitude, I took out the requested iron ore and magic stones from my magic bag and placed them on the counter.


「Exactly what I asked for. You’ve really helped out, you have my thanks. And so, I just need put my signature on the request form and you’ll be set, right?」(Dowan)


「Yeah, that should be enough」(Hitto)


I took out the request form, and handed it to Dowan. He signed it with a pen and handed it back to me.


「All right. With this the request should be completed, but…… There’s one thing, Dowan. I’m sure they’re still around even now, but it looks like there’s some guys spreading a lot of bad rumors about this shop. Do you have any idea why?」(Hitto)


As for me, I have a general idea about who is behind all this, but still, with such outrageous rumors going around I doubt Dowan wouldn’t know about it.


「Yeah, I bet most of them are from that bunch at the Bungle Company. Seriously, those guys really have some stupid schemes」(Dowan)


Fumu, as I thought, Dowan has also noticed it huh.


「Dowan-san, why is it that you are being targeted by the Bungle Company?」(Melissa)


Perhaps she grew curious upon hearing Dowan’s reply, Melissa blurted out a question.
Melissa is the one who originally recommended this store after all. I suppose it’s natural that she is curious.


「…… That bunch has been showing their faces in front of my shop for quite some time now. They constantly pester me about having the store become affiliated with the Bungle Company. But I’ve kept on rejecting their proposal. I suppose that might have rubbed them the wrong way」(Dowan)


“Just because of that――” Melissa couldn’t help but let out a quiet voice. It’s true that I also think it’s a really absurd reason though. So they’re the type who don’t allow anyone to go against his will huh. Truly a hopeless bunch.


「That bunch really pisses me off. They do whatever they want and use forceful methods to obtain the city’s shops one-by-one. Eventually the only equipment shop  that hasn’t been taken over by that company is my store. Well, I suppose that’s why they have their eyes set on me though」(Dowan)


「So that’s how it is. Fumu, Dowan, though it’s a bit obvious listening to what you just said, but do you still plan on refusing to be affiliated with the Bungle Company?」(Hitto)


「Damn right I do! If I’m forced to yield to that bunch then I’d rather close down the store myself!」(Dowan)


With a loud yell he let out a strong menacing aura.


「To that extent huh. You must be really against how that company operates」(Hitto)


「It’s not just on the level of dislike. Those lot only care about selling equipment in order to make money. They don’t give a crap about the quality. Instead it’s more like they purposely sell inferior goods to customers so their weapons break easily. And then they have to come back and buy another one. And their prices are higher than would you’d normally consider fair. The way things are I fell sorry for both the weapons they make and the people who use them. And that bunch forces other stores to adopt their style as well. And if they don’t like the owner for even the smallest of reasons the up and kick them out, and they put their own sons in charge of things. That’s the type of bunch they are」(Dowan)


I see. It is said that dwarfs are a race that prefer blacksmithing even over food.
They are the kind of people who put their all into the goods they craft.


For people like them, they must see each and every item that they painstakingly handcraft as their own children.
However if these craftsmen give in to the Bungle Company, then that sort of mindset won’t be allowed.
That’s likely the reason why Dowan is so firm in his resolve to not back down.



「I understand your feelings, Dowan. Well, I’m not sure if my words will offer you any piece of mind, but I want to say that I support you. Besides, if this store disappears then I’ll be in trouble too」(Hitto)


「Pyapya’s shore, it won’t dish’apear!」(elf daughter)


「Well, I was just saying “what if”. Dowan’s store won’t be going away 」(Hitto)


「Yes, Goshujin-sama. I also believe the same」(Melissa)


「You went out of your way and even paid the advanced fee, and now you’re saying those kind words huh. I have no choice but to accept them with gratitude」(Dowan)


Yup. Well, his expression still looks as grumpy as ever. But, is perhaps his cheeks loosening up just a tiny bit? I guess we’ve known each other enough that I can distinguish small differences like that.


After that Melissa and I chatted with Dowan and his daughter for a bit before leaving the store.
By the way, apparently his daughter’s name is Erin.
Of course I expect that her mother is an elf. I didn’t pry too deeply so I don’t know for certain though


Well, that’s fine. After all, we have to visit the Slave Company today. But first we have to go to the adventurer’s guild and get everything squared away.







「Did you come back safely!」
「Hitto-nyan! I’m so glad that you are alright -nyan!」


When Melissa and I entered the guild, all the eyes of the adventurers converged on us, and then Nyanko and Dan, the adventurer we saved, called out to us.
The magician Eni was also by Dan’s side, and they came to apologize to us.


But―― Now that you mention it I had completely forgotten about them. I suppose it is only natural, but still…… the guild is overflowing with adventurers.
Each of them have a strange tenseness about them. And although they each wore a variety of expressions, well, I could guess the reason why they have gathered.


「And so, how was it? There was a crazy number of them, right? From the looks of things you must have come back thinking that it was impossible to handle. But I guess anyone would think that」(Dan)


Yeah, Dan is nodding his head as if he accepted the outcome as natural.
…… There are some parts that aren’t exactly correct, but I haven’t reported anything yet so I suppose it can’t be helped.


「Hitto-nyan. I suppose it can’t be helped -nyan. Let’s postpone Dowan’s request, and have the other adventurers take care of the mines, then――」(Nyanko)


「Oh, Dowan’s request has already been completed. I also received the request form after having him sign it」(Hitto)


「………… Nyan? Do you not understand what you’re implying -nyan?」(Nyanko)


I can tell that she’s suspicious by the way her cat ears are twitching.


「The incident at the Mount Stone Mines have been resolved due to Goshujin-sama’s efforts. There is also no need to be concerned about the orggs」(Melissa)


Yeah, Melissa took over for me and explained everything. For some reason she seems awfully boastful though.


「……Huh? Eh? Resolved by, Hitto? You guys did?」(Dan)


Dan could barely squeeze out words in his confusion.


「Yeah, well, that’s right. Specifically speaking there was one more person who helped out, but――」(Hitto)


I explained in detail what happened so that everyone could hear.
Still, there were some people who had looks of doubt, so I took out the orgg horns we collected.


And as if the tense atmosphere from before was just an act, the mood had completely changed, and a wave of surprised voices assaulted me and Melissa.


「Are you serious!? Just how many orggs did you guys defeat!?」
「And that guy’s just a Beginner, right!?」
「Isn’t just because that Knight was too amazing?」
「No way! A single person can’t handle this many all by themselves!」


Comments of surprise, comments of doubt, and comments of jealousy. Shouts filled with various opinions came flying at us from all directions.


Well, nevertheless, I proceeded to tell Nyanko about the King Orgg and that strange Monster that we fought.
Hearing that, the color in her eyes suddenly changed. Nyanko prompted me with a “Come with me quickly -nya!”, and we went into an examination room while leaving behind the gazes of the rowdy bunch outside.




Mu mu muu, this is certainly a King Orgg, but this is the first time I have seen a Monster like this -nyan. There is a possibility that is a new species -nyan」(Nyanko)


「I see, does it being a new species increase the reward?」(Hitto)


「It does -nyan. Although I can’t be for sure until we do a proper assessment -nyan, but it will probably be a hefty sum -nyan」(Nyanko)


Fumu, that’s good to hear. In any case, we have to deal with Melissa and the Slave Company after this. So until then I want to earn as much money as we can.


「How long will it take for the assessment to be complete?」(Hitto)


「I don’t think it will take that long -nyan. Are you in a hurry -nyan?」(Nyanko)


I guess it’s showing on my face huh.


「It’s just that I need to have it by today. So I would like to have it done as quickly as possible」(Hitto)


Muu, you’re treating a receptionist pretty roughly -nyan. But it can’t be helped -nyan. I will tell the assessment team to work quickly -nyan」(Nyanko)


「I appreciate it, thanks」(Hitto)


「It’s embarrassing when you say thanks so honestly like that -nyan. Oh yes, I have also understood the situation with the adventurers who sacrificed their lives -nyan. We will handle the processing of their adventurer licenses -nyan」(Nyanko)


With that I responded to Nyanko with “Yeah, I’ll leave it to you,” and I returned back to the receptionist counter――





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  1. Y’know, it comes up in novels all the time, for some reason, and I still don’t get it: why does everyone in an adventurer guild, in spite of any and all evidence to the contrary, persist in believing that no one can become strong BEFORE joining the guild? I mean, seriously, he’s got the evidence right there, folks… 😫

    Anyway, welcome back! Always good to hear from you. 😉


    • I guess usually you neither get stronkkk after joining, or you have a pretty well-paid job doing whathever you did to become strong. As well as having a well-known name for being strong. Well, even if you lose your job and decide to become an adventurer, they would know about you beforehand.

      Point being, strong people don’t just pop up outta nowhere, usually. If they do, they’re either possibly a spy or black ops, or they took some suspicous drug or something similar to get strong quickly. In other words, it’s not just something to be surprised about, but rather something to find fishy. As hell.

      Cuz, you know, if there was a shortcut to become strong quickly that you could take without risks, everybody would take it. (Or rather, a chosen few would take it and do everything to hinder everyone else from taking it, be it a known method or not. Known to public, that is.) Well, and then either everyone would be strong, and he himself could take that shortcut as well and become even stronger, rinse and repeat, or those selected few would fall into abovementioned categories.


    • In my opinion and because of the training. Like who was the master of such an adventurer who made him get so strong in so little time? And on top of it he seems to be quite young. Following this logic I think it’s natural that the adventurer doubts his strength


    • Like others have said it might have something to with chapter 16-2. Not many people can endure having a side story where a person you thought was a minor villain rampages around for a bit and then rapes an innkeeper in broad daylight in protest of being defeated but not killed by the protagonist. I only return to find out if he’s dead yet.


    • Chapter 43 and there has been only obnoxious lazyly written villains unable to give any sense of danger for the MC.
      The saving grace here is the fun secondary characters and the quite original power of the MC, but it’s starting to get a little stale without any interresting opponent…


  2. I’m glad to see an update again so thanks for the chapter.
    I really want Hitto to just start a revolt and bring an end to this corruption.


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