Isekai Canceller – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: The Runaway Slave, The Chaser, The Girl and I



「Fuck, DAMNIT! Again, again that guy tricked me――」


Deep in the forest, the dark-skinned girl Carana was running with all her might.
In her eyes were tears. Biting her lip in frustration, she desperately moved her feet forward while searching behind herself at times. As if she was trying to escape from something――


「Really now, what a waste of time」


All of a sudden, an icy voice came from the bushes.
And then―― three rings of light were sent chasing after the girl.
Carana tried all she could to avoid them, but their trajectory changed as if hunting her down. Both of her arms, her legs, and her slender neck, their ability to move was stolen.


Naturally since those shackles of light bound her, Carana lost her balance and fell with full force, her face licking at the dirt.
Carana continued to struggle atop the ground. Her brown skin was smeared by the soil, and the color of it grew even darker.
Salty droplets ran down her cheeks. The ground had remnants of tears etched into it. However, as if scoffing at the girl’s feelings of sorrow, a band of merry voices bombarded her.


KAKAka! What a miserable wreck. Flailing about like that, do you really want to escape that badly?」


「Really a waste of time. There’s no way you can run away from us Chasers[1]


Despite her limbs being sealed, Carana did not give in. Approaching from behind here were two physically fit men clad in black clothes.
And from above came another one, landing right in front of Carana.


「Hmph, foolish woman」


「Gahhaa! GAaaa, GIIiIIUuUU!」


When the man in front of her extended his hand, Carana flailed left and right until she flipped over. With her body finally facing upwards, from her half-open mouth she stuck out her tongue at them. But what came out next from her mouth, was foam.


Evidently the ring of light strapped around her neck was tightened to its very limits.


「Hey c’mon, she might die ya know」


“Hmph,” when one of the men spoke up while seeming amused, the man who was holding out his hand let out a snort and lowered it.


「Hm? What now, did she really up and die?」


Despite the pressure being released, Carana’s eyes were left wide open and motionless.


「There’s no way I’d make a mistake like that. She only lost consciousness」


One of the men wore a sadistic smile when he heard those words.


「In that case, hurry up and wake her up so we can have some fun. I’m doing this job because I like the “entertainment” ya know」


「Don’t be retarded. Did you forget? This time we were contracted to only teach her a lesson and then we’re supposed to bring her back immediately」


「Who gives a shit, just a little will be fine, right?」


「Are you sure you should be saying that? I’m not gonna be the one responsible if that slave breaks, you hear?」


When the other man issued a warning, the man who brought up that “suggestion” silently kept his mouth shut.


「Well, that’s how it goes. Besides, you’ll still have plenty of “chances” in the future. Just leave it at that and let’s get out of here」


Responding with an “Okay, okay,” the man picked up Carana and hung her over his shoulder. The three men quickly disappeared from that place――







「Yo.  The two of ya headin’ back?」


When Melissa and I came close to the northern gate, Daimon greeted us with his signature faint smile.
As usual there aren’t many people lined up at his station huh. The others have a long line of people, so because of that I am able to exit the gate without much effort.


Well, that being said, since we are already here, I went ahead and whispered something to Daimon, “There’s something I want to ask you.”


A crude smile appeared on his face when he heard that, and while telling the other guards “I’ll leave things here to you,” we quickly moved into the shadows of the rampart walls.
Still, are his fellow workers not going to voice any complaints about this? Not like it’s any of my business though.


「So, what do you want to know about? Depending on the subject, I can answer anything you want」(Daimon)


Daimon replied with a smile as he made a money symbol with his fingers.


「Goshujin-sama, is there something that you would like to know about?」(Melissa)


「Yea, well, sorta」(Hitto)


Despite being rotten, this man is still a guard entrusted to guard the territory after all. The information he has on those type of subjects should be better than others.


「This time is it fine if I ask the question first? We’re known each other for a while so there should be no problem, right? If you can answer the question then I’ll pay you to tell me」(Hitto)


「Oh! If it’s only that den I don’t mind ya know」(Daimon)


Fumu, it would be troublesome for us right now if the price is too high after all. Besides, I want to confirm if he can answer it or not.


「Then, here’s my question. Can you tell me as much as you know about the current feudal lord?」(Hitto)




Hm? What? He folded his arms and made a scrunched up and troubled looking expression, but――


「S-sorry. I just remembered I have some important business to do. I’m heading back」(Daimon)


「Wait a second!」(Hitto)


Daimon turned his heels and started to head back, but I pelted him with a loud voice from behind.
His shoulders trembled in surprise, and he turned his head towards us.


「Daimon. Isn’t there at least some information that you can tell me?」(Hitto)


「Hitto, my man. Please just let me off this time. I can’t afford to do anything that will defy the feudal lord. And besides, either way I won’t have much info for ya」(Daimon)


…… He really wants to avoid answering huh. It looks like he is thoroughly frightened, and I can feel that he is hesitant to have anything to do with the feudal lord.


「…… You don’t have much information huh. But still, you’re not going to say “I’ve never seen the feudal lord’s face” like everyone else, right?」(Hitto)


「…… I haven’t. There’s no way someone like me would ever get the chance to see feudal lord-sama’s face, right? He is an esteemed person so there’s no helpin’ it」(Daimon)


You really see him like that? Just who in the world is this person, the feudal lord of this place――


「Can you not gather any information using your connections?」(Hitto)


I tried to pursue my question further.


「It’s not a subject I want to talk about, so I have never tried asking around. Really, please don’t ask me anymore, I also have a family. I don’t want to ruin innocent lives by handling this poorly. The same for you, you best stop asking unnecessary questions, if you value your life that is」(Daimon)


「……Fine, I get it. Thanks for the advice. I won’t ask about that again」(Hitto)


「I, I’m sorry. If there’s anything else you want to know I’ll tell you ’bout it, okay――」(Daimon)


Having said that, Daimon hastily went back to his post at the gate.
Well, that being said, we are also heading back into the city as well.
And so, when we went to the gate it was somewhat awkward so we couldn’t look each other in the eye.
He didn’t even take a look at my adventurer’s license.


So, Melissa and I went through the gate and into the alleyway, but.


Ano, Goshujin-sama. I believe that Daimon is right…… If you continue investigating the feudal lord-sama even further then―― I, I am worried about Goshjin-sama’s safety」(Melissa)


Hiding her face, Melissa pleaded in a quiet voice.
So me asking about the feudal lord was that bad huh――Are all the commoners afraid of that subject? But, no one has even seen the feudal lord before.
There’s the chance that this is due to someone else acting on his behalf but…… In any case, on the topic of the feudal lord, everyone is really keeping their mouths shut.






As I continued to walk while deep in though, Melissa peeked at me with a concerned expression.
Muu, she really is cute huh―― No, that’s not it, for now I don’t want to worry her any further.


「You’re right. Let’s leave that subject aside for now. We also have to hurry up and deliver the goods to Dowan after all」(Hitto)


「Yes, you are right, Goshujin-sama. Let us make haste」(Melissa)


While wearing a smile like she was somehow relieved, Melissa tightly held on to my hand.
I wasn’t really planning on using teleportation inside the city, but……No, that’s not right, I suppose this would be the normal flow of things.


Muu, taking a second look at it, Melissa’s hand is so small and soft that it feels nice to hold……I have to concentrate when I use Step Cancel, so I never really paid attention to it.……


And as such, since it was an uncommon opportunity, until we reach Dowan’s store, I deeply indulged in that sensation――




「Welchum~ Dit’chu com to look fur some armor~?」




I had just put my foot forward, but I momentarily took a step back, and after going outside again with Melissa, I re-examined the beaten up signboard on the exterior of the building.


…… This is Dowan’s shop, right? We didn’t make a mistake, right?


In any case, we once again set foot into the store.


「Customer-chama, dit’ch sometin’ wong?」


……I can’t really say “nothing is wrong”. Because no matter how you look at it, right now in the store―― is a little girl. And it wasn’t your average little girl either. The little girl has pointy ears. A little girl with long and sharp ears.
The little girl had curly blond hair that ran down her back, and her eyes were also very cute.
Wearing a yellowish-green tunic, her looked like she was around 3 to 4 years old. Also, she was an elf.


「S-So cute――」(Melissa)


From beside me I could hear Melissa’s murmuring. I suppose that’s true. Simply put, this 3-year-old elf is undoubtedly cute.
But, now is not the time to be basking in that cuteness.


「Umm, well, we came to see Dowan but, do you understand what I’m saying?」(Hitto)


「Sho you wan to meet pyapya~ I undastend~ pyapyaーーーー!」(little girl)


While shouting something the little girl pitter-pattered her way into the store’s interior…… Regardless, I didn’t hear that wrong, right? Leaving aside her pronunciation, I could somehow make out that she was saying “papa” but――


「Ooh, it’s you two huh. Didja happen to finish the request?」


…… Dowan appeared from the store’s interior. Clinging on to his waist was the little girl elf from just a while ago.


「…… Before that, I have a question. Dowan, who exactly is that adorable child hugging your waist?」(Hitto)


「Huh? She is my daughter but what of it?」(Dowan)
「…… She is your daughter?」(Hitto)
「She is my daughter, and?」(Dowan)


She was his daughter huh――


Extra Note: The last part of the title, “The Girl and I” refers to Hitto and the little girl/Dowan’s daughter. The word for Girl can also be translated as “daughter” but I decided to leave the title ambiguous.


TL note: a “Chaser” is the same as “Pursuer” which I have translated in previous chapters. In this chapter the author specially says it’s suppose to mean Chaser in english so I’ll have to go back and change Pursuer to chaser… I’ll probably get to it at a later time.



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