Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 28

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Side Note: Unlike his usual Edgar self, Aran speaks in a very polite and professional tone when speaking with Igarashi + others, he also uses “-san” quite often (except for Usa). Contrast to that, Igarashi is somewhat laid-back in his speech.


Volume 4: Aran, On The Job!

Chapter 28: Let’s Head to the South!



Being the head chief of DICE’s advertisement department, Igarashi has seen his fair share of numerous filming locations. Even so, when he went filming in the VRMMO world he was met with surprises one after another.
The first shock that he received, was when he entered the virtual reality world itself.
It was just an illusion, but this world felt all so real; a “reality” made from the 5 senses──
Even now, Igarashi would log in to Dragon’s Krone without a reason. From the first moment he logged into the UnChain machine that DICE had prepared for him for business purposes, the excitement made him almost forget that he was in the middle of work, and he ended up staying longer than expected before he could log out.


The next thing that surprised Igarashi was that, by his superiors’ orders, he was tasked to scout a Dragon’s Krone Player by the name of 「Aran」.
A High-schooler from some remote place, a Player Character will be come the face of DICE. With all his years in the field of advertisement, Igarashi couldn’t believe that such a thing was possible. Whether or not if it was an effective marketing strategy, he honestly had his doubts.
However, along with DICE’s swiftly rising stock prices, his doubts also quickly disappeared.


And then, the last shock that he received was at the film location.
After plunging into never before seen virtual world, into this world that did not require a console, Igarashi’s chest swelled with excitement from imagining what kind of amazing photo shoot they were going to have. However── the location was rather “simple”.
The photo shoot staff had surveyed the filming locations beforehand, and then Igarashi and the cameraman would visit the firm site and discuss things before the location was decided upon. Afterwards, they would then head to the location along with the model, and the cameraman would take pictures using Dragon Krone’s screenshot function──
This virtual reality photo shoot, the only difference was that they didn’t need real world lighting and film machinery. Of course there was the cameraman, but there were also other people like hair and make-up staff and clothing staff. It was remarkably similar to an ordinary filming site.


「In other words, does that mean there will be more staff than usual?」(Aran)
「I suppose so. The cameraman will be Tinker Bell’s exclusive photographer, so the only ones from DICE will be me and Nobu though」
「If the cameraman-san will be their exclusive photographer, then I don’t think there will be any problems with having only Nobu-san take care of the outfits」


At Aran’s Home House, standing in the magnificent Karahafu entranceway stood Igarashi, and seeing him off were Aran and Sonya.
The photo shoot with Tinker Bell was scheduled for the Saturday of next week. They wanted to start filming around lunch, but since Aran was planning on logging on to Dragon’s Krone for no particular reason anyways he promptly answered with an OK.
Although he still needed to inform Suzu-san and the others that he had some business to attend to and couldn’t log on that day.


「Oh, speaking of which, where will the photo shoot be located this time?」
「…… Darn, I forgot to mention the important part huh. This time it will be at the『Plage Archipelago[1]』」
「The Plage Archipelago is it…… Does that mean, will the photo shoot be on the sandy beaches?」
「That’s exactly right」


The Plage Archipelago were further south than Crescendo, a beautiful island country surrounded by ocean that you could only reach by boat.
One of its features was that it had breathtaking sandy beaches that ranked in the best 5 places in this world, there are many players who come to take in the sights and have fun in the water.
But on the other hand, the ocean surrounding the area and endless tropical forests on the islands had many high level Mobs. It was a place that housed danger.


「We will gather at Gran Holts in the Veroon Grand Duchy. From there we will head to the location by sea」
「So we will not be using Fast Travel this time either, is that right」


For Aran who has gone hunting at the Plage Archipelago before, he could use Fast Travel to arrive on-site, but whenever he went to a photo shoot he was never able to use it.
That is because, while they are on their way to the chosen location, if they happened to discover some other place that looked interesting enough to take some photos, then they would stop to have an impromptu photo shoot.


「That’s correct. It will be somewhat of a long journey after all, and I’m sure some high level Mobs will appear, but…… With you and Cloche with us there shouldn’t be any problems, right?」
「…… That is true」


If Cloche is with us then even if we get attacked by a ‘Dark Element’ then there I don’t think there should be a problem.
Well, even if it was only me then I think it would probably work out.


「I will mail you the details later. I’m sure you already know, but this matter is off-the-record」
「I understand」


If the information was leaked beforehand then it would affect the advertisement’s popularity, it would be bad in terms of compliance.
But even more important than that, if word got out that Cloche and I would be going to the Plage Archipelago then an unbelievable amount of players might gather there to the point where we can’t even get in. That is something I personally want to avoid.


「Well then, that will be all. Give my regards to the Listeners」
「Yes. Igarashi-san as well, do your best to make it through work」
「…… For a high schooler to be worried about me, I ain’t that weak you know」


Igarashi wore a wide grin, and lightly holding up his hand his body turned into orbs of light.
Rising into the sky as if being carried by the wind, those orbs of light.
And, as Aran was absentmindedly gazing at that scene, Sonya’s quiet voice reached his ears.


「How very nice, the sea. I have heard that the ocean around the Plage Archipelago has a high degree of clarity」
「Yeah. I’ve been there many times before, but this really feels like going on a trip to the southern islands」
「How enviable. I am quite sad that I will not be accompanying you」


Sonya lowered her shoulders as if she was truly depressed.
For Sonya, she has only ever ventured as far as the Veroon Grand Duchy with Edgar.
She must have some interest in a place like the islands.


「Then, after the photo shoot is over do you want to go with Edgar? Although it will take a while to get there by boat」
「Will we really!? If that is the case, then let us go and spend our time in leisure there. Our previous journey to Myune was a rather hasty one after all」
「…… Yeah, I guess so」


On the way we got involved with some bothersome rabbit-eared girl after all.
She did help us with the Yoshii incident though.


「Oh, I know. As a means of thanking her, how about we invite Usa-san to go along with us?」(Sonya)
「…… Eh?」
「Although she was given money as compensation, I am sure that Usa-san would be delighted to go sightseeing at the Plage Archipelago」
「I guess…… It’s true but……」


Traveling with Usa──
Aran was immediately worn out just picturing that scene.
Just imagining the continuous damage I would receive during the boat ride is enough to make me feel tired. And once she sees the pure white beach on the Plage Archipelago itself, I’m certain that things will get completely out of control.


「Or perhaps, shall we invite the rest of the Clan Members as well? Although if we did so, then it would be more like in commemoration of establishing the Clan」


As Sonya continued on to say those words, Aran found himself unable to respond.
Usa is a handful just on her own, but the clan has that Megu-san you know.
If the both of them went nuts then everything would be thrown into chaos.


After the Yoshii Incident, Usa was made a member of the newly formed clan「Afterschool DC Club」.
The reason for this, is because when Suzu and Megu were first introduced to Usa, they were captivated by her charming appearance and adamantly insisted 「I want her to join!」
Along with the Hentai Yamabuki who felt that rabbit ears went well with such a little girl, his response compared to the completely uninterested Andou was rather amusing.


「If everyone is to bring their own Companions along as well, then I am sure we will have a fantastic time with so many people」
「…… I think you’re going way too overboard with this, Sonya」
「Is that so?」


Sonya’s smile was bright and dazzling.
Well, ever since I started playing Edgar it has been one bad thing after another, so I think taking a break from time to time might be a good idea.
That is, if the trip itself doesn’t end up becoming a headache.


「…… Fine then, I’ll be sure to tell the other members」


The overjoyed Sonya answered back.
Ever since I started playing Edgar I have a feeling that Sonya’s character has somehow changed.
Is it some multiplicative effect because of the time I’ve spent playing together with Suzu-san and the others?
Support NPCs base their actions on what they observe from the Player after all.


Aran’s inner thoughts were in disarray, but for the time being he let out a sigh, and with heavy steps he walked up to the 2nd floor’s crafting room to once again stream for the Listeners who had been waiting.




TL note: The word “Plage” is the french word for ‘Beach’ and is pronounced “Pla-zhe” (it’s also an english word with the same meaning/origin).

And an archipelago is a group of islands… Think Hawaii.



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