Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 25

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Volume 3: Let’s Make a Clan!

Chapter 25: The Truth Behind Moon Step



As the Clan Master of「Grave Carpenters」, Chrono formed his clan by gathering players who had absolute confident in their own abilities.
The conditions to entering the clan were that you needed to be Level 70 or higher, and have a PvP win-rate of at least 70%.
After meeting those requirements, you would then have a PvP match versus a clan member, and based on the results you would be accepted or rejected from the clan.


The clan member who Aran fought against was none other than the Clan Master Chrono.
The reason for this was because Chrono personally desired to have a match against Aran who, at the time, had made a name for himself at PvP.


Chrono had picked the all-rounder class of Fighter, and his balanced playstyle of using a one-handed sword together with a small shield made him strong in both offense and defense. Despite his muscular build, he was able to perform unbelievably delicate and precise movements. With these weapons in his arsenal he was a proud warrior who was undefeated even after 100 matches.
When he streamed many Listeners would tune in, and in the livestream rankings the name “Chrono” was always in the top 5.
However, after his PvP match with Aran, he suddenly quit livestreaming.
Aran with his Moon Step, he was easily able to break Chrono’s undefeated win-streak.


「Chrono…… san?」
「Yea. He is the Master of the Clan I was in before I quit playing」(Edgar)
「That Chrono-san is going to assist us?」(Suzu)


Edgar gave a slight nod.


「I left that clan quite some time ago, and my character’s name is different from the one I used in the past, so I wasn’t sure he would respond. But, it looks like he will provide us with the ingredients」
「Really!? Oh, thank goodness……」


A look of relief spread across Suzu’s face.
However, Edgar had just told a small lie to Suzu.
Because when Edgar sent Chrono that message, he was 100% sure Chrono would lend them his strength. The reason why was because Edgar had cast his bait.
The thing that caused Chrono to taste defeat; the bait known as「Moon Step」.


「Considering the portion that Usa will bring us, I think we should have enough to clear the Clan Quest. Suzu-san, can you tell that to Megu-san and the others when they arrive in front of the Auction House? I have to go meet Chrono」
「Okay, got it!」


As if saying ‘strike while the iron is hot’, Suzu turned and quickly ran out of the Auction House.
The Time Limit is in 30 minutes.
Chrono said he would arrive in 20.
It shouldn’t take long to craft the items as we have the Recipe and ingredients but still, we’ll clear the quest just in the nick of time.


「…… Time to go」


While watching Suzu leave, Edgar whispered to himself.
We are in trouble right now because I made a miscalculation. At that time, I should have ignored Yoshii’s invitation.
That is why, I will clean up this mess on my own.
Suzu-san, Megu-san, Andou and Yamabuki, it’s fine that they don’t know the「Whole Truth」.


Edgar gently opened the Auction House door.
As Suzu slipped away to send Megu a message, Edgar left the area.
The place he was headed, was at the entrance of Crescendo.
Out in the Field Area where PvP was permitted.




After receiving his first message from Chrono, Edgar waited 10 minutes before the 2nd message came.
『Tell me where to meet』
That was the entire message.
Edgar went to a small oasis that was a bit far off from Crescendo, and he replied to Chrono with a message containing the coordinates for his location.
Soon after, a Player fully clad in black arrived at his location.


「Are you the bastard called Edgar?」
「It’s been a while, Chrono. As usual you are quite…… “dark”, huh」


Chrono looked the same way he did in the past.
Black hair and Dark skin. Black eyes and Black armor.
If the sword on his waist is the same one from before, then it was of the 2nd highest rarity. The Legendary weapon:「Black Widow」.[1]
The sword’s name came from the English word for a black widow spider, and it also possessed a strong toxin just like its namesake. The toxin from this blade caused an abnormal status much stronger than「Poison」. If you were struck by this blade’s「Deadly Poison」then you will surely end up in a dangerous situation due to the extremely high constant damage.


「I’m not here for some friendly chit-chat. I brought the ingredients you need. And how about you?」
「I’m ready whenever. Of course I would be」
「…… Watch your mouth, Aran. I can take off whenever I want’a you know?」


His sharp gaze was followed by an even sharper tongue.
Just like his Black Widow that was covered in poison, his eyes were dyed in a dangerous color.


「The name’s Edgar. I’m not Aran right now. I’ll be sure to give you the information you want. But before that, can you hand over the ingredients?」
「…… What did just you say?」
「I have to send those ingredients off as soon as possible. So I would like to have them first」


There’s less than 10 minutes until the deadline that Yoshii set.
If I went back on foot then I might not make it in time, but if I sent the ingredients to Suzu-san through the mail then there should be no problem.


「Hmph, fine then. You’ll have to take your sweet time telling me about Moon Step though」
「…… Sorry about that」


Edgar opened his Item Inventory.
Chrono handed him the requested items.
20 Lizard Skins, 20 Crab Claws, 20 Animal Hair, and 20 Leather Straps.
Exactly the ingredients he requested.
Operating the menu, Edgar quickly sent them through the mail to Suzu.


「…… The exact number I requested. Good job getting these considering the current situation」
「We are the『Grave Carpenters』. Like hell we’d have a hard time gathering these shitty ass ingredients」


Chrono indifferently spat out those words.
How exactly did he obtain these ingredients? I think it’s best not to ask.
It will only give me headaches.


「Hey, who cares about that shit, hurry up and tell me. I went out of my way just to come here you know?」


Chrono’s impatience oozed from his gaze.
It seems that he cares about nothing other than the Moon Step’s secret.


「Fine then. I’ll tell you the secret behind Moon Step」


Edgar slowly opened his mouth.
The Secret to Moon Step is──
He said those words ever so quietly,


「The Moon Step is… a simple technique that connects【Ground Rush】 with【Tsubame-Gaeshi】and finishes with【All or Nothing】」




On his journey to seek out the truth, the person who arrived at this place is left with only 2 options.
Whether to accept that truth, or to deny it. His options are only those.
If the truth exceeded one’s imagination, then that truth will become nourishment to help foster one’s knowledge in the future.
However, if said truth fails to meet expectations──
Then instead of accepting that truth, humans tend to fall into a state of utter despair.


「…… What, You think I’m stupid or some shit?」


In a low murmur, Edgar could hear Chrono’s voice rattled with rage.


「That information, It’s the same fucking info that’s written on the Wiki」


On the Dragon’s Krone Wiki, there was a page created by volunteers containing their collective data on Moon Step.
『Our hypothesis is that the Moon Step is produced by using the High-speed skill【Ground Rush】, and from there you circle around your opponent by using the Counter skill【Tsubame-Gaeshi】, and lastly you use skill that turns defense into offense【All or Nothing】 to strike them down from behind.』
What Edgar had just told Chrono, was the exact same information that was written on the Wiki after analyzing Aran’s livestream videos.


「…… So you think I’m still hiding something, right?」
「Of course you are. All the bastards who tried that method have failed」
「Then~, How about I show you?」


Edgar smoothly drew his katana.
Chrono instinctively grabbed the hilt of that blade.


「What kind of shit are you trying to pull」
「You don’t believe a word I say. So the only way is to show you firsthand, right?」


Edgar gracefully placed his katana by his side. Relaxing his wrist, he changed into the【Lower Stance】.
Then he activated【Ground Rush】.
Edgar’s body glided across the sand floor.
And, while blowing up a cloud of dust, he fearlessly charged right before Chrono’s eyes. And, in that moment──




In the next instant, Edgar’s body suddenly shined with pale blue light. The air trembled, and Edgar’s figure disappeared within a fraction of a second.
Within that cloud of sand that charged towards him, Chrono saw a ring of light.
Where that ring of light disappeared to, was behind him.
That was proof that the skill【Tsubame-Gaeshi】 from the【Middle Stance】 was activated.


「I did it a bit slower than usual. With that you should be able to understand, right?」
「…… Are you… fucking serious」


Chrono stood dumbfounded on the spot.
Without a doubt, he had just witnessed Edgar connect the 【Lower Stance】【Ground Rush】to the【Middle Stance】【Tsubame-Gaeshi】.
It was a feat that should have been impossible: Connecting two skills from different Skill Trees──


「If I had to say that the secret was, I would say it is the【Combination Cancel Window】 that each individual skill has. This Cancellation Window, it only happens for an instant…… It’s only a few milliseconds, but during that short amount of time you can cancel any skill」
「……ッ!? No way. That sort of thing, I’ve never heard of it before!」
「Well, whether you believe it or not is up to you」


Saying that, Edgar wore a wry smile as he once again ran at Chrono using Moon Step.
The air shook, and the pale blue light circled around.
Being chased by that light, Edgar glance over at Chrono with a look of composure.


「…… So this is the secret to Moon Step huh」


(TL Note: Chrono’s POV)
*Crunch*, Chrono vigorously ground his teeth as he spat out those words.
Even if I don’t try it for myself, I can understand just by imagining it. There has to be some sort of Cancellation Window that exists for only a few milliseconds, but to actually have the proper timing to match that Window with the activation of another skill is just plain impossible.
But, this bastard is able to do it in rapid succession. To top it off, he’s doing it while in actual combat.
There were a few stories on the Wiki where people claimed they used the Moon Step, but the reason why no player had solid proof is because of this huh.
Even if they pulled it off out of sheer luck, there’s no way they’d be able to do it consistently.


「I’ll let you know about one more thing. This is not all there is to Moon Step. There are 2 more components that bring forth Moon Step’s true form. The skill that brings your speed and dexterity stats up to the Counter Stop, all the way up to the highest limits; there’s still the activation of the skill【Perseverance】」


【Perserverance】, one of the Samurai Class’s iconic skills, a Passive Skill that enhances your own abilities. It was a skill with the effect:「When you are on the brink of death, All of your stats will be boosted」.
In other words, when you are in a near-death state your speed and dexterity would be capped at their maximum. Yet, Aran was able to activate Moon Step while traveling at such frighteningly fast speeds.


「…… Are you some goddamn monster」


Skill Cancelling required impeccable timing, like trying to slip through the eye of a needle.
Using it in rapid succession required machine-like precision.
And above all, you were constantly living on the edge where a single blunder could cost you everything. It required a steel resolve to pull it all off.


The more Chrono knew of the truth, the more he came to understand Aran’s boundless potential.
The “truth” that Moon Step is a technique that no ordinary man can obtain.


「I’ve heard what you have to say. About Moon Step’s secret; about Aran’s secret」


Chrono spoke softly.
Chrono had no choice but to accept it.
The Truth Behind Moon Step… and the insurmountable wall that lay before him.







TL side note: With this note we now know the 5 different rarities.
From lowest to highest they are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Artifact


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