Isekai Canceller – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Wandering Knight


Melissa and I entered the mines and walked right down a tunnel
With the Magic Map this will be a piece of cake―― is what I would like to say, but the Magic Map only works when we are in the Field.


With that said, well, we have no other choice but to walk on in and check things out for ourselves.
But considering that the tunnel and other passageways were lined with magic tools to ensure visibility, it wasn’t like we were fumbling around in the dark.


Well, if we’re talking about a mining area then of course there would be light.
The roof of the tunnel was about 1 head higher than mine, and the width was barely wide enough to squeeze in 2 people. The walls were cold and rugged; if we stayed here for very long I think we might suffocate, figuratively speaking of course.


Nevertheless, a female knight huh…… Blindly throwing herself in here without a second thought either means she is quite confident in her skills, or that she is the type who’s body acts before their brain can catch up――I hope she is all right, but we should hurry up regardless.


「I’m going to take your hand, Melissa. We’re going to pick up the pace a bit」(Hitto)
「Okay, Goshujin-sama. But please do be careful!」(Melissa)


Melissa spoke back while sounding concerned, but of course I will be wary to a certain extent. Still, I don’t think orggs will pose too much of a problem.
To be honest, I think that even Melissa won’t have a hard time dealing with them either――






Sylphid Dance!」[1]






Well, while making full use of Step Cancel, we exited the tunnel and reached and open area.
And at that moment, the scene before Melissa and I was a large amount of orggs―― of orgg corpses that is.


How many are there? I guess around 30 corpses? Although that’s only the number of corpses at this moment, the count will likely be increasing from now on.


Yea, it seems like the female knight was part of the “confident in their skills” faction.
In this open area, she is without a doubt playing the leading role.


In this rink with such unsteady footing, she is magnificently gliding about as she dances with her blade.
The surrounding orggs didn’t stand a chance.
There were about 20 more orggs, but the knight’s attacks flew like the wind, and her swordsmanship turned their arms, legs, and torsos into small pieces.
It didn’t matter if they were blue orggs or red orggs.
Apparently there was absolutely nothing to worry about. I doubt I’ll even be able to join in.


「Somehow… this is really amazing, Goshujin-sama――」(Melissa)


Yup. Melissa seems a bit too flabbergasted by it though.
It truly was amazing though. The knight took center stage as she carried out the battle, her height is quite tall for a female.
Her long blue hair reached down to her hips; it was tied into a single bundle and flowed down her back.


Her hair matched her movements as she fought, and it drew an intricate pattern in the air as if it were a paintbrush.
This might be a strange thing to say, but if I had to point out the most impressive thing about her, as expected it would be―― her outfit!


Honestly speaking her equipment was very befitting of a knight, most of her body was covered by thick plates of silver armor. But, even with that I could tell that she had a bust that wouldn’t lose to Melissa, and it was properly showing on the surface. Since she had on a silver-coated skirt, they would occasionally reveal the plump thighs beneath them. The designer that crafted this armor, you have truly done a Good Job! So much so that I want to offer them my praise.
You really really know your stuff.


「…… Goshujin-sama. Are you perhaps thinking of something perverted?」(Melissa)
「There’s no way I would be, Melissa」(Hitto)


I’m only admiring it as a true work of art. I’m not lying or anything, definitely not.
Anyways, after watching for a while the performance finally came to a close, and in the end only the corpses of 5 different colors of orggs[2] remained, with a total of around 50 bodies.
I guess you could say that there were heaps of corpses lying just around everywhere.
This is just me saying it, but even if they were just mere orggs, for a woman to take down 50 of them by herself… Isn’t that a really impressive feat?




“Phew~” Wiping off her sweat as she took a deep breath, it seems like the female knight finally noticed me and Melissa. She turned her head and our eyes met each other.


Fumu, her long green eyes were shaped in a slight upward fashion. Although her eyes are filled with strong resolve, her face was well-featured and she would definitely fall into the “bishoujo” category.
She looks like the type of woman who carries an air of being both cold and dignified
When you are too beautiful it sometimes gives the opposite affect of making you intimidating, huh.


Melissa is also quite beautiful, but she still has the impression of being youthful so she is a completely different type of bishoujo. The size of their breasts are the same type though.
Still, the female knight’s legs are certainly much longer huh. Her posture is also pretty so she looks like a model.


「Are you by chance adventurers who came here on a request?」


After glancing over us for a while, the knight returned her thin sword to its scabbard, and with her wind wolf companion riding on her shoulder she asked us that question.
Her pretty voice rang out so firmly that there was no way to play it off and say something like “Oh sorry, I couldn’t hear you”.


「It’s true that I’m an adventurer, but rather than coming by request, we came here after hearing about the situation. We originally came here for a request to transport iron ore and magic stones though」(Hitto)


As Melissa and I walked closer to the knight, I answered the question.


「Iron ore and magic stones? In that case it’s entirely impossible. At the moment I have finished taking care of the ones here, but there are still more monsters further within」


The female knight said that as she held out her right hand. It doesn’t seem like she is going to be boastful about defeating so many orggs, she stated it in a ‘matter-of-fact’ manner.


「Well, I thought that to be the case. That’s why I figured that I should come here and clean things up real quick」(Hitto)


Fumu…” In response to my reply, the knight placed her hand on her slender chin and went into deep thought.


「Regardless, charging in with only one person is too reckless. Have you not heard what the miners had to say? There are still a very large number of orggs lurking around」


「I could say the same to you. You also entered these mines by yourself, right? Your words don’t hold any weight at all, you know?」(Hitto)


As I held out both my hands to the side when I said that, the knight’s eyebrow sharply shot up, and a slight sense of displeasure spread across her expression.


「My name is Angie[3]. I am not fond of being referred to as “You”」(Angie)


「Is that so? Then perhaps it would be appropriate for me to address you as Angie-sama, would it not?」(Hitto)


I said it somewhat snark tone. But still, she’s exactly the way she looks: strict and firm-hearted.


「Quite the sarcastic fellow aren’t you. Just Angie is fine」(Angie)


「I see. My name is Hitto by the way, and this here is Melissa」(Hitto)


As I introduced myself I also put in a word for Melissa.
And thus, with another “Fumu“, Angie again started to think.


「From the looks of things she seems to be a slave, but is she registered as an adventurer?」(Angie)


As expected, is she interested in the fact that Melissa is a slave? It doesn’t seem like Angie is trying to ridicule her though.


「No, the only one who is registered as an adventurer is me」(Hitto)
「What did you say!? That would mean, you bastard! When the time comes are you planning on using your slave as a meat shield to cover your escape!?」(Angie)


W-What? Suddenly a razor-sharp gaze and a harsh voice came flying my way.
For some reason the pressure she exerted made it seem like I might be cut down depending on my answer.
…… More importantly, Do I really give that kind of impression to people I meet for the first time?


「You are mistaken! Goshujin-sama would never do something so heartless like that! Without regard to my social status, he has always been concerned with my well-being despite me being a slave! The reason why I have come along, is because I truly want to be useful to Goshujin-sama!」(Melissa)


And, Melissa stepped forward and hardily retorted.
Making sure not to lose out, she sent out a death stare while going “Mu mu muu!”
However, Melissa’s scowling doesn’t have much impact no matter how hard she tries, so even though she was mad it only came off as somewhat cute.


「……I-Is that so, I was wrong, sorry. I have heard stories that among adventurers there are a few impudent ones who do such things. Forgive me for being doubtful of your master who you care so deeply about」(Angie)


…… This knight easily apologized, and she silently bowed her head while looking ashamed of herself.
No, well, I also said some pretty mean-spirited things, so I should be apologizing instead.


「P-Please, there is no need to lower your head!」(Melissa)


Melissa waved both her hands in a panic.


「Well, I also said some unkind words. Let’s just call it even for the both of us」(Hitto)


「I-Is that so, I would appreciate if you took it that way」(Angie)


Angie raised her head, and she wore a beautiful smile. Yeaah~, it was breathtakingly elegant smile.


「And so Angie, what do you plan on doing now?」(Hitto)


「Hm. For now I will set up base here. I plan on defeating all the orggs who come this way. Until the adventurers come with reinforcements that is」(Angie)


“Here” huh…… I took another look at the surroundings. This space was a relatively large area, and when I looked at the walls I saw 4 different tunnels.


「I can’t agree with simply waiting here. How about venturing in further?」(Hitto)


「I don’t believe that is a good plan. Past this area, there are 4 entrances to separate tunnels. Because of that, if you chose to venture down one of them, then orggs might come out of a different tunnel and head for the outside. There’s no point of that happens」(Angie)


I see, it seems like she put some thought into this. I haven’t heard the specifics, but from her appearance and tone of voice she seems to be a genuine knight.


「In that case, is it all right if Melissa stands guard here with you Angie? In the meantime I’ll go and investigate one of the tunnels」(Hitto)


When I gave that proposal, both Angie and Melissa opened their mouths in astonishment.


「How foolish, are thou saying that thou plan to enter by on thy own? No matter what the circumstances it is just too rash. Besides, these tunnels seem travel for quite the distance. A round trip would take a rather long time, would it not?」(Angie)


「That’s right, Goshujin-sama! It is dangerous! If you plan to go then at least allow me to come with you! 」(Melissa)


Yeaah, so the “Thou[4]” came huh…… What a strangely formal way of speaking.
Still, it’s not a bad feeling to have a situation where two pretty ladies are trying to get me to stay.


「Thanks for the sentiment but I’ll be fine. If it becomes truly dangerous then I can return in a second. Despite how I look, I have a skill that increases my movement. So it won’t take much time for me to investigate」(Hitto)


「What? You have a skill like that? That’s rather unexpected. I thought for sure you were a type of fighter」(Angie)


Well, in terms of characteristics that assessment isn’t too far off.


「Goshujin-sama can use teleportation magic after all. Despite that, his sword technique is also magnificent」(Melissa)


Melissa proudly boasted about me to raise my image, but I didn’t think she would easily disclose my abilities like that.
Well, being found out doesn’t have that much of a downside.


「Teleportation!? Is that true!? Even in all of the kingdom, there are only a few people who can successfully use that magic!」(Angie)


…… I-Is that so. She seems to have really latched onto the idea after hearing that.
I don’t think I’ll be able to trick her into thinking otherwise at this point……


Well, for the time being I used that teleportation skill, otherwise known as Step Cancel, to move around the area several times.


「T-To think that thou could actually use teleportation…… Honestly this is the first time I have seen it. Are thou perhaps a considerably high rank adventurer?」(Angie)


Nope, I’m just a Beginner. Regardless, she seems seriously impressed huh. Technically speaking it isn’t a teleportation skill though.
Well, the appearance does look similar.


「In any case please stop with the “Thou”. Just Hitto is fine」(Hitto)


「Is that so. Okay then, Hitto. Is it alright for me to refer to the girl as Melissa?」(Angie)


When Angie turned to me I nodded in return, and her gaze then fell upon Melissa as she asked that question. Afterwards Melissa’s cheeks turned somewhat red.


「T-To be called by name by a knight-sama such as yourself, I am truly honored!」(Melissa)


Just awhile ago she was denouncing her, but I guess Melissa was affected by Angie’s aura huh.
Well, I suppose the stunningly gorgeous Angie would be every girl’s role-model, all things considered.


「Even if you call me a knight it isn’t much of a big deal. At the moment I am only a knight going where the wind takes me」(Angie)


She said that while wearing a weak smile. A wandering knight, huh… Well, that’s fine either way.


「Regardless your skills are quite formidable, isn’t that right? I guess that’s to be expected for someone with an Elemental Guardian」(Hitto)


「What, so you could tell」(Angie)


「Pretty much. That wolf on your shoulder is a wind animal spirit right? They are spirit beasts that can only be tamed by Elemental Knights after all」(Hitto)


If I look at her appearance from the game’s point of view then it was really easy to figure out. “Elemental Knight” was a high ranking job for knights that could tame spirits.
An Elemental Guardian was a Protective Spirit, and it was possible to form a contract with any spirit with the only limitation being that you could only have 1 of them. You would lose the ability to utilize spirits of different attributes, but in exchange you would have a powerful spirit beast as a follower.


「This is the first time I have seen one. It is very cute」(Melissa)


「Thank you, its called Wingulg」(Angie)


「Woow~, so your name is Gul-chan huh」(Melissa)


「G, Gul-chan……」(Angie)


She seems to be at a loss. Well, I suppose a normal person wouldn’t arbitrarily give a nickname to a spirit right in front of its knight like that.
Wait, Melissa is petting the aforementioned Gul-chan on the head and it seems to be really enjoying it.


「So you can touch it huh」(Hitto)


「Yes, as long as you have permission it should be all right. Although, during battle it becomes no different from the surrounding air」(Angie)


Well, I suppose that would be the case.
Anyways, we got to know a little bit about Angie so it’s about time now.


「Okay then, I’m going to have a quick look around. As a scout that is」(Hitto)


「Then Goshujin-sama, take me as well!」(Melissa)


「No, in situations like this it’s much easier to get around if I’m by myself. I’m sorry Melissa but please stay here with Angie. If you are with her then I’ll have some peace of mind」(Hitto)


「Understood. Then, as a knight, I shall protect your beloved Melissa as if my life depended on it」(Angie)


Yea, she said that with such stern resolve. She really is virtuous.
Well, because of that I can rest at ease.


Well then, let’s go have a look already, shall we――



TL note: “Sylphid Dance” was indicated to mean “Wind Spirit’s Turbulent Dance” with furigana. A Sylphid or Sylph is a mythological spirit of wind/air.


TL note: In case you don’t remember, there are 5 different colors of orggs: Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Red; with Red being the strongest.


TL note: The name “Angie” is slightly modified from the original. The original name for the female knight is technically “Angers” which is a city in France. The french pronunciation of “Angers” is pronounced as “On-zhey” or more loosely “On-jay”. The only spelling I could come up with were “Anjay” or “Anje” but those look really strange so I took some liberties and changed it to Angie.

It fits since most of the other character names are “English”, but I just wanted to point out that Angie’s original name was “French”.


TL note: Angie uses a really formal version of the word “You” which is primarily used in letters addressed to others of equal status. Since english doesn’t have formal variations of “you” I went with “thou”.


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