Kenja ni Natta – Chapter 1-4

I wanted to do a speedy translation but I forget that Kenja takes a while for me to accurately form sentences. Oh well, back to studying to hopefully not become a NEET. Though I’d probably have more time to translate stuff… Nevermind. Not the most action packed chapter but it helps fill the gap right?
Enjoy the chapter or “The Daily Life of Ayame”


Side note: This chapter has almost no post-editing or TLC so yea… I’ll get to it later.
I’ll work on the teaser next after my finals. So probably on Friday-ish.


Chapter 1-4: Housing, Moving, and Soldier-san


Since it would be troublesome if the Goblins woke up and retaliated against me, I began walking towards the setting sun on the plateau while chewing on the nasty meat.
It was a strange piece of meat with neither juices nor fat, but since it was processed to get rid of all the blood and various other things, and since it was cooked on a fire to the point where there were some grill marks, I could pretty much eat it without a problem.


「Well then, what should I do next?」(Ayame)


Since I could somehow produce drinking water with Magic, next would be securing a safe place to sleep.
Remembering my experience from just a bit earlier, just like what you would expect from a different world, Goblins and who knows what other kinds of monsters really do exist in this world.


It looks like if I reveal my intent to strike and it gets detected, then I think the barbaric races will most likely become hostile.
If I were to sleep outside in a place where creatures like that might pass by… My mind and body aren’t that strong


Rather, I’m weak.
I feel terrified that people might not understand my hobby, and I’m overcome with fear when coming into contact with others.
I avoided things like sports because it would make me tired, and from middle school to high school I neglected to exercise aside from during PE class.
My arms and legs were slender, and compared to your typical healthy high-schooler I was pale-skinned.


As a result, I decided to create a place to safely spend the night.


I flipped through the magic textbook.
If I remember correctly there was something I noticed when I first flipped through. I remember seeing that there was a Magic for creating a hut written down somewhere.
It wouldn’t be strange if there were similar Magics written down as well.


Essentially using speed reading, I flipped through the pages with a *Para Para*. I finally found the desired page.
On this page was, the characters were wonderfully clear so it was easy to read. The lines were also slender (although it kinda looked like Emoji) and the strokes and pauses were beautiful, the calligraphy was flawless.


「 “By extracting Mana from the soil, You can create a single hut made out of wood”, huh」(Ayame)


Different from the other Magics, this one had a “Let’s create a hut together!~” kinda feeling to it. It was written so you didn’t have to put much thought into it.
Since there were easy to understand illustrations and drawings crowding the page, let’s use them as references.
With one hand placed on the ground, and bringing your other hand out in front of you. Next is, with the Magic Formation―― “Magic Formation”?


Looking more carefully at the next page, there were examples of Magic Formations drawn there.
With things like these illustrations and Magic Formations, it’s an elaborate Magic.
Although it was said to be simple, if you consider that it was Magic to create the structure of a stand-alone house, you could expect that the difficulty level of invoking the Magic to skyrocket huh.


Using the pole that I created using Earth Magic, I drew a Magic Formation similar to the one depicted in the book.
A drawing that could be compared to the figure of a human with long ears(?), I mimicked the specifications of it’s size.
I drew a square and placed three of these humans down in it. It seems like I have to draw a circle and put them inside of it.


I pretty much drew them faithfully, and left a pebble on top of their heads in a specific location.
It might be smaller when compared to the actual height, but I want to think that this level of miscalculation will turn out okay.


「――Alright, completed」(Ayame)


Transcribing the impossible to decipher words required a large amount of willpower, but at least I’m glad that I was able to finish drawing it before the sun had completely set.


Since the Magic Formation was finished, I once again placed my hand on the ground and raised my right hand before me.
It appears that there’s a necessary incantation, so while glancing to the side at the magic textbook I vocalized the words written there.


「O-oh by the power of the beloved forest, Oh grand earth. A place to dwell, A place for exhausted fellows, I grant thee the strength of mine Magic Power, Assist Me」(Ayame)


A sensation came from my left hand as if something was invading it.
It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling that I could never forget. It felt like the insides of my body was being cleansed with pure energy. From my left arm it passed through the area around my heart, and headed towards my right hand.
It shot past my wrist, and I could feel my fingertips grow extremely hot. And the Magic Formation that I drew earlier started to emit pale blue light.


*Pon!* A joke-like sound rang out, and before me was the appearance of a splendid hut.
No, “hut” might be the wrong way to describe it.
If I had to say, it was a house. A house big enough for a family of four, there was probably enough room even if you added in a grandpa and grandma. It was an extravagant house like that.
If you were looking at it from the perspective of common-folk, it was an impressive mansion.
If you lived in a house like this, then calling over a couple of friends to hang out wouldn’t be embarrassing at all!
……Although, I don’t have any friends to call over in the first place.


「This sorta thing, Carpenter-san will lose his job you know……」(Ayame)


After all, with just a single person putting in a bit of effort, a splendid house like this could be created.
Although I once again felt the convenience of Magic, if Magic like this exists in this world like an everyday thing… I felt an unusual feeling of anxiety overcome me.


◇          ◇          ◇


After creating a house on the plateau, Three days have passed.
Accessories and furniture didn’t exist, but since there were things like a key, door, and windows installed, I could easily spend the night fast asleep without being afraid of monsters.
The meals for these three days were, I was able to pick a bunch of fruits and berries from a small forest that was a short walk away.
That being said, I couldn’t tell the difference between edible berries from the non-edible ones.
It would be a big problem if there was poison in them.


That’s why when I come across fruits and berries, I search really hard to try and see if they have any nibbles in them.
If an animal left some sort of tooth mark on it, then it should be a fruit that was edible.
Since animals are smart, they can tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous fruits by their smell. It’s something I read a while back.
If that happens to be wrong, then I’ll deal with it when the time comes.
I can’t win against hunger.


With food from the forest in hand, I returned to my home.
By the way, the house that I’m living in now is a different one from the hut that I made the other day.


I have been continuing in the direction that the sun sets in, I plan to keep going until I reach a settlement where people live.
I can’t just stay forever secluded on this remote plateau.
I still have yet to figure out what kind of climate this world has, but I would rather not think about the worst case scenario.
Perhaps Winter will soon be approaching. In that case, the fruits and berries I have been living off of will disappear.


Personally I yearn to spend my days leisurely reading a book while surrounded by nature, but I need to at least secure basic living necessities first.
Every morning the hut that I made the night before would return to the earth, and every day I head into the forest.
When the sun begins to set I begin drawing the Magic Formations, and I spend the night soundly asleep in my safe bed.


It was a systematic daily routine.
Originally I was, I was a person who could do things if he tried hard enough.
But since I didn’t like listening to other people nag at me, Even I started to lose the energy to wake up in the morning.


Although I wouldn’t say that living in Japan wasn’t fun, since your daily routine was always constrained by strict time schedules, right now I find the way I spend my day really relaxing.
Besides, I tried looking through every corner of the magic textbook but, there wasn’t a way for me to return to my original world written there.
Well for now, my daily routine in this world has been ingrained in my head, so it should be fine if I continue on like this.


◇          ◇          ◇


After walking for a few more days.
Merchant looking people riding carriage pulled by what looked like Lizard creatures, and a person wearing light armor and carrying a spear who looked like a Soldier passed on by.
Among these people, I tried asking them which direction I should head to reach the largest city in this area.
By the way, the one I asked was the Soldier.
The reason why I didn’t ask the peddlers was, because I figured that owing merchants a favor would be troublesome in the future.


The blond hair, blue eyed Soldier-san with dignified features, instead of making an unpleasant expression, he carefully and politely showed me the path to the city.
Thankfully the language wasn’t much different from Japanese.


I told him something random like I got lost because I just came to the countryside and I wasn’t familiar with the landscape yet.
This was a world with a plateau that no one maintained, From the countryside―― Now that you mention it, It’s only my assumption that he believes what I’m saying.


While going out of his way to add in extra information, Soldier-san taught me various things.
For example, The city―― If I get lost in the Royal Capital then I can ask someone 『Where is the “Fredoll Clocktower”?』, and then anyone will be able to show me the way and I could use it as landmark to get from place to place.
Or like, if I’m too ignorant about the market price of staying at an inn, then it won’t be good if I’m ripped off and stuck with a high price.
Or like, there are agencies that offer nice high salary job by the name of『Domestic Worker』, that actually means being a slave so I should be careful. In any case, he thoroughly and thoughtfully taught me many things.


A few hours after parting ways with the kind Soldier-san.
Finally I have, at a place where humans live―― I arrived at the royal capital.

TL note: No footnotes because no time. Maybe later. Also, I have no idea if those paragraphs about drawing the Magic Formation is correct or not. I’ll try again later (but I’ll probably never figure it out… orz)


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