Isekai Canceller – Chapter 15

After much delay and technical problems, a new chapter is out~ Chapter 16 is a two part chapter so I don’t want to start it before finals. I get a two week break so I’ll start back up after doing some side project stuff.
Also since the next Kenja chapter is short I’ll probably speed trans that before going on TL break to study.
Anyways, Enjoy.


Side note: Man these long sound effects… Better get used to them since the author likes them a lot.


Chapter 15: Breaker


The Job of this man named Zak is [Breaker], no mistaking it.
[Breaker] was a High-class warrior type Job in the game.


Breakers were preset to be proficient in two handed weapons. In particular, people in the game really liked greatswords[1].
The reason being that, aside from them being easy for Breakers to use, by choosing to use greatswords a [Breaker] can learn many specialized greatsword skills.


And that skill was precisely the main reason why I guessed that this guy’s Job was [Breaker].
The skill this guy was using right now was, [Break Shot].


It was a skill which let you shoot out a shock-wave as you swung the greatsword.
For [Breakers] it was the most basic of all skills, and yet it was the skill that used the most often.


In any case, it was a skill that directly reflected the offensive power of the Player using it. In addition, it consumed very little stamina so you wouldn’t tire easily no matter how many times it was used.


Powerful attacks than can destroy your opponent from long distance, originally that was something that magic-type classes specialized in.
However, the framework of the game made it so that you had to type out every single incantation. So even though Magic had high firepower, it was slow and took a lot of time to cast.


On the other hand, Breakers had [Break Shot] which did not require an incantation. A skill that could mow down opponents one after another.


Breakers wielding greatswords were unmatched when going against a large number of low-level opponents. Soldiers who didn’t valiantly fight in close quarters combat, their existence overturned the traditional idea of a warrior was.


The moment [Breakers] enter the battlefield, the people standing next to them would most certainly go “Huh? Was that just a shooting attack?” they would misinterpret the situation like that.


Well, because of that, the job known as [Breaker] was an existence that displayed a great impact on the battlefield.


「Hey, what’s the matter? If ya only run away then you won’t win ya know! Sooner or later I’ll corner you and finish you off!」(Zak)


Yup. You’re really energetic huh. And really strong huh. You really have a Job that was perfectly suited for annihilating a bunch of small-fry.


Although―― You’re opponent is a poor matched.
Now then, [Cancel]!


I activated [Cancel] on my Breaker opponent that was getting a bit too cocky.
As he was about to unleash his next skill, Zak’s stance returned to what it was a few seconds before.


And in that instance I drew closer to him with a step, and greeted him with the twin sword skill 【X-Slicer】.
This was, well, just like the name implies it was a twin sword skill where you sliced your opponent with a intersecting slash that resembled an “X”.


And of course I Cancelled the lag time after using the skill, and put some distance between us by using a back-step.
Then, in the next instant a greatsword came swinging down before me.


His reaction was pretty impressive.


「You bastard…… What the hell did you do?」(Zak)


As expected his expression has changed huh. Earlier he was making a face that kinda made him look like an idiot, but now he was questioning me with a serious look.
Well, having your actions suddenly be Cancelled like that, it’s inevitable that you would become confused huh.


「Who knows? I wonder what it could be?」(Hitto)


But of course I feigned ignorance. After all, there’s no need for me to go out of my way and explain my very own moves.


Chii-, but if you keep using such a worthless attack like that, then ya won’t be able to piece my armor」(Zak)


Yea, you’re right. That armor is tough after all. If I attacked it normally then none of the damage will go through huh.
That’s why, unlike what I did to the thieves before, I can’t use [Cancel] to do a continuous combo.


After all, if I don’t manage to deal some sort of damage then my opponent won’t flinch.


And then―― Of course this would happen but, my opponent once again raise his sword over his head and continued to use [Break Shot].
Since it’s so user-friendly, he can’t help but using it huh.


But still, since his swing was so wide, I Cancelled it while lunging forward, And again landed an X-Slicer.
And again my opponent had a scowl on his face. It was an expression that made it seem like he was looking at an annoying insect. But still――


“Break Shot” 【Use Cancel on Zak】 Diving in and attacking with “X-Slicer” 【Cancel】 Back-Step followed by a “Break Shot” counterattack 【Cancel on Zak】 Diving in with “X-Slicer” 【Cancel】 Back-Step followed by a “Break Shot” counterattack 【Cancel on Zak】 Diving in with “X-Slicer” 【Cancel】 Back-Step―― And repeating onward.


「You, you bastard, stop fking around already!」(Zak)


Oops, looks like he finally got pissed off huh. He was made to repeat the same thing over 20 times now, after all.
This skill, if you used Cancel on an opponent in the in the middle of their attack then only the stamina consumption would remain. That’s why, even though he was vigorously firing off skills before, if you look at him now then you could see that fatigue started to build up for some reason.


Even if you say that the stamina consumption for [Break Shot] is extremely low, that doesn’t mean that it is non-existent.
After using it exclusively for a short time you’d obviously start taking deeper breaths.


Well, but still, I don’t really think I can grasp victory by just leisurely letting him waste his energy.
It isn’t like [Cancel] doesn’t have its own risks to begin with.


Cancel was still a skill nonetheless, so some of my stamina is taken every time I use it.
Even so my stamina consumption was comparatively low, the reason being is because of the ability-up I have from raising my proficiency. It’s also thanks to the stamina-recovery bracelet and the stamina-cost reduction ring I have.


By the way, those two only work on my endurance. Injuries were a completely different matter though.
If I get too careless then I might sustain damage that cannot be healed, that’s why I can’t overestimate my abilities too much.
Although I said things like ‘This level of damage is completely fine,’ all the time back in the game, now that the game world has become real life I have restrained myself from thinking that way as to not be too careless.


However, ‘Then why are you constantly repeated the same actions over and over again?’ you’re probably thinking that but――


「Bastard, Is your goal to make me waste my stamina? But don’t underestimate me! I haven’t even got’n serious yeett!」(Zak)


You’re not very convincing when you say that while short of breath though.
Well, still, that isn’t my goal at all you know.


「I don’t plan on doing that. This battle is about to reach its conclusion」(Hitto)


‘Ahhn?’ Zak made a scrutinizing face.
Well, I got the feeling that he wouldn’t understand though.


「The only thing you can do is surrender right now, or to use your skill one more time just to have it broken again. But you can’t use it anymore right? Even though you keep using it, it doesn’t seem like a very impressive skill, Sure・isn’t」(Hitto)


Even though you could say it was only a cheap provocation, Looks like it had an instant effect on this muscle-brain.
‘Gu-nununuuuuu!’ his groaning voice was rising. He was so angry that his blood vessels started to bulge out from his forehead.


「Don’t fking underestimate Mee! It’s Full Power! Take thi――」(Zak)


No, either way, saying “full power” or shit like that doesn’t change anything. Hai[2], [Cancel].




His mouth was hanging half open, but this guy actually never learns huh. Well, whatever, In order to settle this I once again charged towards him.


「Kuu! Again!? But my armor is」(Zak)
「Unfortunately for you――」(Hitto)


I readied both of the twin swords near my side and began focusing my concentration.
Looks like Zak was surprised by my form.
My stance was clearly different from the one I used before after all.


But I continued making my preparations. Truth be told, the firepower of X-Slicer itself is not much different from Double-Slicer.
‘But if so then why did you choose an X? Just for looks?’ Wrong. X-Slicer had the characteristic where it grinds away at endurance values of the portion where the blades intersect to an extreme degree.


And I have been using this X-Slicer to persistently and persistently grind away at the same spot repeated.
Naturally this placed a considerably large burden on the armor itself.


The spot where I have been crossing the twin swords should already be screaming. You could even see a faint fracture after all.
It seems like this guy hasn’t realized this small change yet, but I have been doing it for 10 minutes. This match has already been decided.


Now, let’s end this. Focusing my concentration on that fractured portion, and using the side of my waist to store power into the twin swords, I dashed forward while simultaneously using my arm to add rotations.


*Gyururururuuuu!* along with a rotational sound that resembled a drill, the twin sword weapon skill 【Double-Screwdriver】 magnificently pierced through the crack.


This skill was originally used as a short sword skill, and this was the twin sword version of that.
Well, in other words, with the short sword version you use a single hand to add rotation and increase the offensive power of a single blow, for this 【Double-Screwdriver】 you simultaneously use both hands to enhance the power even further and then you fire it off to pierce your target.


However, the force required was tremendous. In addition to the time needed to amass power, the massive amount of stamina consumption was another flaw. It’s best used to finish off your opponent in one strike.


As I launched the twin swords forwards with a thrust, the paired blades gouged out the fracture, and together with the rotation the crack began to spread.


Since I don’t plan on killing for now, I stopped the skill right before it reached his flesh. But after dodging the greatsword that came swinging down afterwards, I followed up by stepping forward and adding in a [Double-Slicer], Then the armor that my opponent was so proud of starting crumbling to pieces and fell to the ground.


Must’ve been some high-quality equipment. Serves you right.


「Nuguuuuoooooo! My…! My armor iiisssss~! The armor that I finally made after four years, myyyyyyyyy~…!」(Zak)


Seems like he’s suffering more than expected. I see, four years huh. That sure paints a vivid picture of the time it took in real life huh.


「Sorry to ask while you’re wallowing in sadness like this, but is it fine if we finish it with this? With your current appearance, this won’t really be recognized as a duel right?」(Hitto)


In any case, the moment the armor fell off it revealed his naked body. This guy was wearing nothing underneath his armor huh.
Did you really want to boast about your muscles that badly?


「Finish? Finished you say? Kukuu! You underestimate me fking braaat! If it’s come to this then I ain’t holding back anymore! I’ll blow you away with my strongest technique!」(Zak)


Haa? Strongest Technique? Hey, that stance where you lower the greatsword towards the ground―― [Break Cyclone]!? You’ve got to be kidding!


Isn’t [Break Cyclone] an attack where you can display your might by putting all your strength into revolving, and sending the shock-wave from your blade out in all directions?


The stamina consumption was intense but the resulting force was terrifying. If you use something like that here then you’ll blow away the entire dining hall you know!


「Hey you! If you use that here then your own slave will be involved and take a hit too you know!」(Hitto)


「Like I give a shit! If she’s a slave that kicks the bucket because of that then who cares!」(Zak)


This guy’s really messed up. Seriously, he’s outrageous! But still!


「Oraaaa! Break Cycl――」(Zak)
「Naa? Gubooooo!」


Yea. Well, it’s sort of obvious but, I won’t let you shoot off that sort of skill in the first place~.
For now I tactically use Cancel, and while he was showing an idiotic face I got close to him and attacked with [Shock-Slicer].


By the way, this doesn’t inflict any damage, but it was a skill that temporarily knocks out the opponent you attacked it with.
If they are wearing armor then I can’t use it on them, but since my opponent is naked this time there’s no problem with using it.


And just like that, both of Zak’s knees met the floor, and he fell forward like a waterfall and collapsed.
You could see his feet twitch a little bit but he definitely wasn’t conscious. He completely fainted.


Haa-[3] , at least for now looks like the match has ended――


TL Extra note: Does this count as a cliffhanger? Gotta keep up with my usual trend.



TL Note: The word here is [大剣] or “Large/Long Sword”. I’ve translated it as Giant Sword sometimes but it’s all the same. Personally I think of Arnold Ocean’s (from Word Master) long sword (Related Manga Picture though he’s kinda in the background)

Edit: I think Greatsword is more accurate, I’ll probably change it when I get the time. Changed but I might have missed a few


TL note: “Hai” usually means things like “Yes/Affirmative” but in this case it is used more like “Here/Here you go”.


TL note: This Haa- is a sigh.


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  1. Yea, this is too much. I’ll only binge read your translations. You might aswell add ‘….Find out next time on I-Se-Kai Canceller!’


  2. I just realize while reading this chapter

    this novel has no future when it comes to fighting
    no matter who the MC encounter he can cancel any kinds of attack as a result all fight well be dull lol

    At first I thought the cancel skill is OP but now its just a useless cheat that makes MC so lazy
    through out the battle mc only cancel the opponent making it exhausted

    seriously list see how the author make this a little bit interesting but I am not looking forward for anything since I already give up anything about this novel

    just a good read to pass time by


    • I know right, he didn’t even receive any stamina loss from using around 3 cancels + the X Slice continuously (Cancel: Break Shot, X Slice Delay, & counterattack)


    • Edit: Also he was using some high level techniques — Mainly the same point attack one. Does the author not realize how tough that is, especially in combat w/ you approach & retreating, and have no training!? It’s not like the game was virtually reality, so your mind/body learns it.


  3. I don’t care if he’s against killing. To not kill scrum like that seriously damages my liking him. There’s nothing but consequences for letting scrum like that live.


  4. … It was stated earlier that there was a delay when using it on the same target, but here, he’s using it nearly back to back with the whole cancel -> attack -> cancel counter -> retreat -> repeat. There’s barely any delay between the 1st and 2nd, only about a margin of around a margin of 3-20ish secs, especially when you count his speed orientation.


  5. everytime he uses Cancel… Saitama pops up in my head. That expressionless face together with Cancel as if ignoring any and all efforts made by the opponent… gahahaha


  6. With those kinds of people I always think “So, let me just cast Slave Magic on you right now. What do you think of suddenly being lower than dirt just ’cause ? Oh, you were a high ranking noble? So what? You’re just a slave now, and you just said slaves aren’t human, so lick my boots and serve as a bench to my other slave you piece of sh*t.”


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