Isekai Canceller – Chapter 4

At long last another chapter! Chapter 5 is a little bit shorter than usual so maybe I’ll get it done by Monday now that I have slightly less studying to do. After that… Maybe a little surprise? Who know…
For now, Enjoy.


Side note: Oh Melissa… How I hate your massive dialogs… :<
Also some of the dialog was confusing so maybe I’ll ask a teacher/other resource about it later.


Chapter 4: The Unknown Slave System


「For us slaves, even if the master we made a contract with were to die, we would not be freed from being a slave.」


Melissa’s voice resounded in my ear.
As she said this, her eyes were down cast and she seemed somewhat sad.


However, I didn’t expect there to be such a restriction.
Although if I thought about it more carefully then I probably would have noticed it.


After all, in the game a slave was a slave for their entire life. You could say it’s because of the game’s annoying hierarchy but, if that System stayed the same and was reflected onto this world then, a slave here might have to remain a slave forever as well.


No, but, even if this world was similar, the world I am currently in should be a completely independent world.


No matter how you look at it, to say that a slave will remain a slave for eternity, how can you simply accept that? In the first place, why is it like that? Is it useless to escape?


I tried to ask Melissa the same questions to find out but, she only shook her head from side to side.


「At the time when us slaves are first registered as slaves at the Slave Guild then, we have subordination magic cast on us. Although the subjugation vessel you receive when you buy a slave is something different, this magic cannot be undone for the rest of your life.」


Guild?…… Now that you mention it, when you bought a slave in the game there was certainly a slave merchant there as well. I have a feeling that the establishment that supports and gives slave merchants the authority to sell slaves is the Slave Guild.


「So, what happens when the subordination cast on you? Actually, how do you even decide when to cast subordination magic on someone? I have absolutely no idea at all.」


「Ah, yes. I had expected that to be the case. The one who casts the subordination magic is actually someone who is capable of using magic, and the only one who knows how to sever the magic vessel would be the slave merchant.」


Fumu, I see now. Apparently, according to Melissa’s story, it seems that something like a magical seal is carved into the slave’s body. But since it doesn’t have a pleasant outwards appearance there was apparently an invisible magic formula developed for this purpose.


「But why would the Guild do such a thing? 」


「 It is in order to support buyers who have high political standings. In regards to the subordination vessel, there exists only a very few number of people with the ability to remove it. There are some slaves that run away and request these people to sever the connection to the subordination vessel but― Nevertheless, it seems that the magic seal is prepared so you be notified of this immediately. 」


「To support them eh, but what do you mean by public standing?」


「Yes, the true purpose is for making money after all. People who buy slaves are of somewhat high status and because of that the number of people aim for their lives and act hostile towards them are numerous. Like with the thieves this time, struggles for the family inheritances have lead to things like assassinations attempts becoming an everyday occurrence. At that time, if it were to be the case that the master who contracted with the slave were to lose his life, then the effects of the subordination vessel would also be lost. In other words, if it the situation were to remain that way then it would be as Hitto-sama has said and the slave would be set free. 」


「Well, if the power is lost then that naturally be the result.」


「However, the so called Slave Guild is a awfully greedy organization. Once you are enslaved it is already decided that you will remain as a money-making tool until death. That is also why the Guild applies subordination magic on you, even if your master were to die then your social status would still remain as a slave. That is something that you can never escape from.」


I didn’t expect for there to be such an arrangement. This is a setting that did not exist in the game.
Although, even without an official announcement, you could hypothesize that the developers might have came up this sort of a setting but, well you can’t help but wonder.


「Fumu, That’s how it is, huh. But in that case, Melissa, what would happen to you in this situation?」


「Yes. In regards to my master’s death, the magic formula applied to me should have immediately notified the Slave Guild already. On this occasion I am being recognized as a slave without a master. And for slaves who’s contracts with their masters has disappeared it is necessary to return back to the slave merchant within three days.」


「Within three days, huh…… what will happen if you exceed that time limit?」


「You will recognized as a runaway slave and have an authorized pursuer sent after you…… and the pursuer is a professional at tracking with a terribly sadistic way of thinking. Since the Guild also treats slaves as commercial goods you won’t be killed but, I have heard that the pursuer is given the authority to torture you to the point where you will never again think about escaping as long as he makes sure not to kill you.」


Melissa’s shoulders were shaking as she said this. Although she said it was only rumors that she heard, it seemed that she has witnessed some terrible events.
While always making sure to use healing tools or magic, the pursuer would repeatedly inflict physical agony by using gruesome torture, and if it was a woman then it seems that he would perform acts that would trample over her dignity as if it was okay.


The details didn’t escape her lips but it was not hard to imagine what happened.


「I roughly understand what you are saying. Basically, as you are now, no matter what you decide to do your social status as slave will not change. If you don’t go back then you will be labeled as a runaway slave and have a pursuer sent after you, and when you return you will just go back to being treated as commercial goods by the Slave Dealer and be sold off again. If that’s the case then you would rather want to become my slave, is that how it is?」


「It is exactly as you have said…… in spite of the fact that you graciously saved me and without regard to my social status I wish for that, though I think this is a somewhat rude thing to ask but―」


「I’m the one who asked you to talk to me in the first place. You don’t have to worry about such things. Leaving that aside, is there really no way to release you from being a slave?」


「As long as a magic user doesn’t sever it.」


「Is there no one else for except the people at the Slave Guild who can release it.」


「I believe it will be quite difficult. Above all even if you were able to forcefully release the magic formula without knowledge of it, there would still be a need to take caution as to not cause the slave’s heart to burst and cause them to die.」


So you die?…… If it’s like that then there’s certainly no helping it.
My Cancel is able to cancel magic as well but, that is only up to the moment just before the effect comes out.
Except for certain parts, it is impossible to going back and erasing the past with Cancel.


「Will the group at the Guild absolutely not undo the subordination magic no matter what?」


「That’s not true. In that regard, there does exist a contract for the sake of being set free. However, it necessary to amass 1,000 times the former slave’s value for that. It goes without saying but, there is no one who would go that far to spend money on a slave specifically to set them free―」


One-thousand times!? Certainly, that would be a large sum of money. To be frank, even I have to say that it’s unreasonable.


「In many ways, this is quite troublesome. However, I also got to know about more about it this way. As it is now, it’s pretty frustrating knowing that you have to return to the Slave Dealer just to be used like that. But, is it really that easy to contract with a slave who has lost their master?」


「About that…… For the organization, once a slave who has lost their master is rescued from a dangerous situation, and in the case that they are sheltered and escorted back, if that person desires to then buy that slave then they will be given priority. However, the formalities would still cost some amount of money―」


Then, as she was peeking with a *Chirari*[1], Melissa hesitated to open her mouth.


So that’s how it is. But if I thought about it then it’s obvious.
Even though the Guild is small, since there is lots of money to be made they went as far as to apply subordination magic, you can’t expect it to be free.


「…… I wonder how much?」




「Melissa. I’m talking about your price. How much would it cost for me to be able to take you in as a slave?」


「Hii-Hitto sama……」


No, wait a minute, you’re so happy to the point where that tears are building up on your eyes? Actually, I’m not sure if have enough money to buy you in the first place.


「I am overjoyed. With only the thought of it. It’s just―」




「……It’s about my price but, taking in to account that you rescued me from the thieves and sheltered me, even with that it would cost around 1.5 million Gold―」


1.5 million Gold ― as expected it is pretty expensive. Certainly, high-grade slaves back in the game should cost around 500 thousand Gold. It ended up being more than twice the normal price.
Also according to her the price became cheaper than it normally would’ve been.
It’s just, considering her outward appearance I don’t think it is a ridiculous amount of money but I still find it a mystery.


While lost in thought I supported my chin while trying to think, Melissa lowered her eyebrows while looking at me with a worried expression on her face.


「I’m sorry, I have said something unreasonable. Of course, I did not truly think that I would be accepted as your slave. I just thought it would be kind of nice if that happened―」


「Do I have to pay it all immediately?」


Melissa sure gives up easily, huh. It is certainly expensive but I have already embarked on this path. Also honestly speaking I still have some lingering regrets from not being able to buy a slave back in the game.


Well, even if I say that, I originally didn’t plan on buying her and bringing her along but, for me who has little knowledge about this world outside of when it was a game, a slave doesn’t seem like a bad companion.
Actually she’s a runaway slave, though. In this regard, I don’t have the knowledge required to processes and manipulate the subjugation magic either.


Besides, she honestly had quite good looks nonetheless.
Let’s get back to the problem at hand right now.


After all, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay the entire price outright.


「No, since it was originally intended for slaves to be reserved based on the amount of money required, if you were to utilize that aspect of the system then you will be able to wait for up to around 5 days.」


5 days, huh…… That’s honestly quite short but, if you consider that we haven’t been traveled to either the Slave Merchant or the Guild yet then you can add three days time onto that and say that we have 8 days left.


「Hey, Melissa. Since you are here right now is it possible for you to estimate how much money profitable items are worth? Since you’ve spent time as the slave of a merchant you should be able somewhat knowledgeable about this sort of thing right?」


「Ah, yes. If just a little bit.」


Melissa answered me while staring back in astonishment.
Fumu, I would be grateful even if it was a little bit.
I immediately pulled out all the luggage from the bag, then gathered them up in one place for Melissa to have a look at.


「Since this ring was once used as the subjugation vessel it cannot be sold however, the rest of the rings total around 20,000 Gold, also the thieves’ belongings were damaged quite badly and the large amount of rust would certainly stand out. Although they cannot be sold, I still believe that everything would be around 1,000 Gold in total. The adventures’ equipment are magical articles so if you were to sell the recall stones then they would be 25,000 Gold. It appears that the rest of their equipment was maintained with great care as well. I suspect that the rest of these things would likely be worth about 8,000 Gold.」


……To be honest I’m quite surprised. No, I’m not sure if the numbers are correct but, she was able to quickly and skillfully calculated the values of the items.


Still, I honestly imagined that the recall stones would have quite a good value but, the real thing is much more expensive than its originally costed back in the game.


By the way, this is. Well, it’s just like the name implies but, in the game you would essentially use these to be revived back in a prearranged town. In other words, it was possible to instantly return back to the church in the last town that you visited.


Incidentally the so-called “Church” was just a Point. In the case where you ended up dying in a small village without a Church then you wouldn’t able to return there after all.


Even so, if they had these sort of stones then everything would’ve been fine if they used them right before dying…… You would probably assume that was possible but, in reality there was quite a bit of time between the moment you used it and the time when it activated. Back in the game it took about 8 seconds.
Therefore the timing was very important when using it.


But in the real world there is the possibility that it would take even more time.
Well, there was still a little underhanded trick to using these though.


「Speaking of, there really isn’t anything like transfer magic after all, right?」


「Eh? Transfer Magic…… is it?」


「Exactly. Magic that let’s you travel to your favorite city or to a desired location.」


「Although I do not know of anything by that exact name, I have heard that there are some Warlocks[2] who are researching something similar to that. As a byproduct of that, I have heard that if it is a small distance then with the power of magic it is possible to accomplish instantaneous movement by using sorcery. Since it requires a complicated incantation and magic formula it would not be an easy thing to produce but, it seems that there has been no success in performing long distance travel thus far.」


I thought that would be the case. This game didn’t have any so-called transfer magic that was commonly used in other RPGs to travel around freely.
However, in regards to instant teleportation there still was the magic known as [Moving][3].
It was quite amusing to use it multiple times during combat, you know.


Well, you were still required to say the fundamental incantation for [Moving] back in the game so it seemed fairly difficult to use it in rapid succession, you see.


Incidentally, in this game. After preparing various magical incantations, it was necessary for the Player to mash them into his keyboard.


Of course, more powerful magic had a larger number of words so it was quite painful.
Although there was a shortcut function for messages, and even though there were some people who were skilled at using it, that still only had a limited number of uses after all.


Thus the so-called Warlocks were a magic series job that was the highest job of the top tiers. If I’m not mistaken it was the type that belonged to that of the highest-order.


But over in this world it seems like that occupation, like its name suggests, was properly striving towards research.
In regards to long distance teleportation magic, if this world’s research keeps advancing then it might possibly be developed some time in the future.


Well, that’s fine. For now, it seems the game’s influence has a large effect on the current performance of jobs and magic in numerous ways.


Alright then, going back to the main goal, for now if we deliver the alcohol then we would get 20,000 Gold, other than that the rings and equipment can be sold for 54,000 Gold.
Afterwards we counted up the money just to see but, of course the merchant’s gold coins were worth the most. Along with the copper and silver coins the total became 286,486 Gold.


In other words, everything in total became 360,486 Gold.
Well, I intended to sell everything in the end but…… Hahaaa, I’m sure in a tight spot. There’s nowhere near enough.



TL note: a SFX meaning something like “a glimmering glance”. (I’m beginning to think that Melissa is secretly Yandere bait and is doing all this cute stuff on purpose)


TL note: Originally 魔法学者(ウォーロック) or “Magic Scholar/researcher” read as “Warlock”. I’m not sure how to do furigana in WP…


TL note: Originally ムービング. First [Hit] and now [Moving], our author sure comes up with creative names.


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  1. Hm I’m surprised at how little gold he has. Isn’t he a high level top tier player? Or did I just misunderstand? Well it looks like he’ll have to find a way to raise a ton of gold if he wants to save Melissa.

    Thanks for the translations!


    • The author hasn’t specifically said that Hitto is a high level player (yet). Considering that the Canceller class came out just before he got transferred to this world he shouldn’t be that high, despite having rare gear (unless he grinded like crazy since the world was gonna end anyways).

      As for money… who knows. Maybe money was stored in a menu somewhere that didn’t get transferred over. We’ll have to see in the future.


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    • No way to be sure unless someone asks the author, but maybe money was stored in a menu as a number rather than physical money so it didn’t get transferred. I don’t believe most games have an inventory slot for money, except for like Runescape.


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  4. The amount of gold is just too damn high!! I kind of get it that it’s gonna be a setup for getting enough money to buy Melissa, but damn… all the gold, the goods, the fancy jewellry etc. don’t even scratch the price of a slave and it’s even supposed to be a bargain price? That’s bullshit. We are talking about slaves right? Cheap workforce, disposable, for god knows what kind of dirty tasks? There is no way anybody would pay such an exorbitant amount of money.


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